CVG - Ni No Kuni: Is this the best JRPG in ages? You better Ghibli-ve it

CVG - We play the first few hours of Level 5's masterpiece.

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Snookies121804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

I wish I could say I was blown away by the demo... But to me it seemed pretty standard JRPG fare... I will admit the overworld and music that went along with it was just beautiful though. Hope this game turns out extremely well! I'll keep my eye on it at least.

Jamzluminati1804d ago

You probably weren't blow away by the demo, but you will be blown away by the amount of disagrees these people are gonna give you.


Snookies121804d ago

I would hope that they'd read my entire comment lol. I did say I hope it turns out extremely well and will keep an eye on it. I want the game, and I want it to be good. I'm just saying I wasn't too impressed with the demo. It wasn't bad, but wasn't amazing either.

NukaCola1804d ago

I enjoyed the demo some what. I wish it wasn't timed because I didn't feel like I could get enough from it. But I didn't hate anything about the game. This title looks amazing, just that damn demo clock is lame.

WilliamH1804d ago

You're not wrong about the demo, it was disappointing but what I did notice was great music, gorgeous graphics and a good battle system and an interesting villian. That was enough to convince me.

first1NFANTRY1804d ago

thank you for sharing your opinion...NEXT!

Snookies121804d ago

*Sigh* Did you even read my whole comment? No? I already said I was looking forward to the game... I guess you aren't then?

Outside_ofthe_Box1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

It took me three play throughs to get into it, but that was mainly because I haven't played a real jrpg in looong time. The more I played the demo the more liked it. I like everything about the game from the battle system to the graphics to the music to the world map. My only concern is the story. I know I shouldn't doubt Level 5, but I can't help, but doubt. I'll be waiting for the feedback on the story from my fellow gamers before I pick this game up as story in games is very important to me.

arronax-11804d ago

I'm not gonna lie, I'm in love with JRPGs and even I can't understand the hype of this game. (other than people saying it's a Ghibli thing).

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TheLyonKing1804d ago

The demo wasn't a true test of the game, Japanese reviews are very positive and I have faith in Ghlbi's story telling abilities and and level 5's rich rpg lineage that this game will be soaked with endless ours of great design story and game play and I for one am looking forward to it.

-Mezzo-1804d ago

So excited for this game, for me it'll be a nice break from the games i usually play.

WooHooAlex1804d ago

Tell me about it! I don't even think I've played an RPG since FFXIII (ugh). I'm ready for a new one!

AznGaara1804d ago

I'm guessing you missed out on Xenoblade Cheonicles and The Last story.

Snookies121804d ago

You should play Tales of Graces f if you can. That game was fanastic! That or Xenoblade...

Relientk771804d ago

Both those games are amazing

Hicken1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

I loved the demo. Granted, it didn't give you a lot of content or storyline, but there was MORE than enough battle to pique my interest.

Can't wait.

Edit: And there have been some rather impressive jrpgs- particularly on the Wii- to come out recently.

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