How the Vita has improved my life

The Vita Lounge contributor Willgasmic talks openly about suffering with anxiety, and how gaming, and especially the Vita has helped him.

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Abash1958d ago

I guess he could say life's a little sweetah with the PlayStation Vita

Conzul1958d ago

Bubs for funny, but only because there are none for "Wow -.-"

ziggurcat1958d ago

wow, something positive about the vita?

brace yourselves... vita doom articles are coming

Neckbear1958d ago

Next we'll see "how the Vita cured my cancer".

Truly a gadget not even Bond would want to miss.

Godchild10201958d ago

If Gran Turismo (PS3) can help those injured in a car crash and help rehabilitate them and Apple products can help monitor patients while doctors are away from them (among other things apple products do in a hospital). I'm sure the Vita (among other gaming devices) can improve the life of a person.

It's how a device is used, to change or help a person or animal. Time to start thinking outside of the box?

Some can say that gaming has helped them avoid getting in trouble, locked up or doing drugs. While others will take it distracted them from getting good grades. It's how the device is used to help those in need or change a person perspective of the product.

CommonSenseGamer1958d ago

If what you say is true then is not the opposite also true in terms of people attributing violent acts to gaming?

Conzul1958d ago


Be a stormcloud, why don't you?

megamanX21958d ago

lol you must have no life.

PhoenixRising371958d ago

It's funny because the article header actually reads "How the life has improved my life"!!

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