GTA IV PS3 to outsell Xbox 360 version writes "Microsoft is pretty confident about its chances in the upcoming console showdown around the launch of the Grand Theft Auto IV. And it has every right to be – it has bagged itself an exclusive content deal that literally means the only place to experience the 'full' GTA experience is on Xbox. Plus the only preview content seen so far has been running on the 360, so there's little chance of the game looking or running any better on the PS3.

But it is with some surprise (and much delight) that we find that the majority of players surveyed who are planning on buying GTA IV, are opting to do so on PS3. Of those polled, 49% are choosing the PS3 version, where as a meagre 46% will be buying the one for the Xbox 360. Only a moody 6% have decided not to buy it; we assume they're Wii owners.

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etownone3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

if you own both the 360 and the ps3 and buy the ps3 version, then you are the definitive die-hard loyal fanboy and makes no sense since you already have a 360

If M$ pays $50mil for extra exclusive downloadable content, that means something extra that can not be found on the ps3 version. If the makers have alreay stated that if someone wants to experiece the complete GTA4 game, then they advise to buy the 360 version.

solar3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

whats the definition of "full experience"? thats my question....we still dont know what the content is. but i dont see MS spending all that money for something NOT extravagant.

as i only have a ps3, ill be getting that version. no matter what console you have, we all win cuz we should be getting a great game. no need to start a war over getting a great game for both platforms :D

ReBurn3499d ago

If you own both the 360 and PS3 I don't see how you could be a die-hard fanboy. Unless you just kick the one you don't like every once in a while to make yourself feel better.

jwatt3499d ago

There are so many missions in gta I mean so many, why should we go crazy for two extra missions that won't even be here on launch day. I played all my gta's on my ps3 and it's going to stay that way.

Now if this extra content is something that makes me go all man I have to have that then I will rent the 360 version. Well that's if the content is free.

etownone3499d ago

"full experience"

being that they said episodic content, i'm guessing you can compare that to Half Life ep 1 or 2, or Oblivion the shivering isle expansion pack.... in other words it should be new different content that any true GTA fan will want to play.

i am a die hard gears of war fan, and if they would release the extra levels found on pc on live tomorrow for 10 bucks, i would buy it in a heartbeat.

i Shank u3499d ago

i lol'd man. MS charges for just 3 dinky halo maps; no way this $50 mill content will be free

i am very interested to see what this content will be. I think for it to have a big influence on buying decisions, the content needs to be shown/described soon, before the game releases and people make their purchases.

Marceles3499d ago

lol ReBurn...i was just gonna say something like that

Time_Is_On_My_Side3499d ago

I'll be getting it on the PlayStation 3 of course and with Home you get extra content by Sony standards. Plus you have to pay for XBOX Live and the extra content. I don't know if this article is true or not because no one said anything when I posted it up.


If it isn't true I'm still getting the PlayStation 3 version it's just a better console. No death beds and free online is the way for me, lol.


Bought every version on all the playstation system , never once have i finish this game. i like having the cops chase after me thats about it. i used to just cruise down the block and listen to the music. If its not going to changed the story whats a coupled more mission ??? buy if your a diehard i can see

bee24273499d ago

It might be considered a fanboy, but i would imagine many would buy it on the ps3 because on the history of gta and sony and especially the sony controller that people are used too while playin gta games.. i dont know how wise it would be if xbox extra content was really significant, but if you like the feel of playin a game on one console to another then get it for that console... im sure if halo 4 came out on both systems most people would get it for their xbox rather then their ps3

etownone3499d ago

1.2 -
"If you own both the 360 and PS3 I don't see how you could be a die-hard fanboy. Unless you just kick the one you don't like every once in a while to make yourself feel better. "

thats why i wrote, "it makes no sense" if your still willing to buy the ps3 version since you already gave up that ps loyalty and bought a 360. But then there are people like Jwatt that owning both systems still buys the ps3 version... makes no sense.

bee24273499d ago

"i am a die hard gears of war fan, and if they would release the extra levels found on pc on live tomorrow for 10 bucks, i would buy it in a heartbeat. "

Dude thats just what you do, alot of people dont buy the downloaded content to begin with... honestly i think a company should include the content in the game idont see why they need to hold back content from people just so that they can make more money on the game

marinelife93499d ago

I wonder what the GTAIV Home space is going to look like on PS3.

memots3499d ago

This game is so long and you'll play for hours. Do you really want to play that long on your 360? RROD anyone?

Don't get me wrong i love the 360 but i just cant trust this system anymore. Ill go with the version that wont leave me without a system half-way trough the game.

TheSadTruth3499d ago

A survey conducted by a PS site that claims to use blogs and an xbox site for surveying? Don't believe this propaganda bullsh1t for a second.

INehalemEXI3499d ago

I also own both and will buy the ps3 version for a few reasons.

1. My ps3 has never had hardware failure. 360 twice had to be sent in.

2. All the GTA's in my collection are on sony consoles.

3. Launching GTA MP from Home is something I want to do this spring.

SmokeyMcBear3499d ago

well maybe if you actually want to play the game instead of worry that you will have to wait 3 weeks to finish some missions while you are halfway through it.. you might want to get the ps3 version

Black_Jack3499d ago

etownone its not a case of it "making sense" if someone doesn't want to pay for xbox live and pay for this additional content then what is there to not make sense about buying it for the ps3? you say if you're a true gta fan but i like gta ALOT but the extra content doesn't really appeal to me that much, not as much for me to pay money for it. my point is although the additional content is catchy, its not mainstream enough to entice the kind of numbers microsoft paid $50 million dollars for. I just want to complete the story and get chased by cops and robbers. i have a 360 and a ps3. i'm not brand loyal or any of that sh!t, just like the way gta feels on a dualshock controller. thats why it makes sense for me...might not make sense to you however seeing as you're one of those die hard fans.

Bizmal3499d ago

I have both, but I will be buying the Ps3 version without a doubt. Why? because I'm not paying another $50.00 to play it online. There are a few other Details as well. I've owned them all since release. However I would rather buy it on the PC.

Scottama3499d ago

I doubt it's propaganda. First of all, look at the tiny difference PS3 and 360 predicted sales. If it was bullshit, the difference would be much more marked: 55-45,60-40?

However, whoever made that graph deserves to be shot. I fully support the PS3, and sometimes get a bit fanboy-ish, but that chart just takes the piss! It looks as though the split is 75/25 in the PS3's favour, (which is what I first thought), due to the incredibly stupid way they've marked it. Even the subtle differences in potential sales would have been noticeable on a graph from 0-50%.
Like I said, whoever made that deserves to be shot...

solar3499d ago

i think there is an emotional attachment to a console that they first played a series on. GTA...PS2. hence why i believe the so called pre-order numbers favor the PS3. you played all the GTA''ve come to love them on the Sony buy GTA IV for Sony's console. i dont think its so much a matter of hatred for one console. and i believe MS is trying to stop that with the exclusive content deal.

AceLuby3499d ago

I own both and the biggest reason I'm getting it on the PS3 is that I hope I can use the d-pad to drive. Even if not I don't care about extra content because the only GTA game I beat was Vice City.

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Anything but Cute3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

"And it has every right to be – it has bagged itself an exclusive content deal that literally means the only place to experience the ‘full’ GTA experience is on Xbox."

We don't even know what that content is. Lets find out first before we surrender. F*cken moron.

Ilinx3499d ago

I suspect that's why the quotation marks are used ('full'). It implies sarcasm I think.

poos33499d ago

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hades073499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

"49% are choosing the PS3 version, where as a meager 46% will be buying the one for the Xbox 360" So 49% is an good number of people buying the game for the PS3 but 3% less and its meager? I think someone's a fanboy.

Just like COD4 and other multiplatform games, I see more people purchasing this for the 360 for the sole reason the system is proven to have a higher software attach rate. People will say it's more of a Playstation branded game but GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas were on the original Xbox and look at Devil May Cry 4, that game has solely been on the PS and PC, and it sold better in North America on the 360, so I think the matter of a game being branded with a system will not affect game sales.

Ilinx3499d ago


"Just like COD4 and other multiplatform games, I see more people purchasing this for the 360 for the sole reason the system is proven to have a higher software attach rate."

I get that, but anything that suggests something less than a Xbox 360 whitewash, particularly in a case where Xbox seems to have a clear technological advantage as well as better attach rates in general, seems pretty interesting. Can't wait to see the real sales figures now.

Scottama3499d ago

I disagreed with your comment about the GTA version selling more, but I did agree with your comment about the "meagre"-ness of the 360 sales, so your agree is from me ;)

I am totally in support of Sony and the PS3, but, like I said in another comment; all of that story is biased. The chart makes it look as though the PS3 is going to sell 75% of all units, and I couldn't believe it when I read that only a "meagre" 46% were planning on buying it on 360.

"George Bush's public flashing caused a great stir among the people of America today. However, only a meagre 46% of the population think he should resign."
49% is a large number, as is 46%.

hades073498d ago

And bubbles and an agreement for your comment from me :). I agree that story is totally biased. I'm guessing all the fanboys were the ones who approved the "meagerness of the 360".

Also, I'm assuming that the 360 version will sell better in North America where the number of 360's sold are alot higher than the PS3. For me to think that the 360 version will sell better in most of Europe and Japan is just wishful thinking. To think though the PS3 will dominate the 360 in sales is just pure fanboyism. Plus, if Microsoft was smart and released some details on the downloadable content, even just the first pack, and marketed Gta IV as having exlusive content with emphasis on how much content there is to the average consumer, since not many people actually know that gta 4 for the 360 has extra content coming, I think they will sell even more copies.

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SeanScythe3499d ago

sorry but I get free online with sony and live would want me to pay to play online and then pay extra for their lame extra. Now if the extras would be free to make up for paying for online then they might have something.

SCThor3499d ago

and I dont want to worry about my console to overheat. If I have both consoles, I'd choose the PS3 version cause it has the more reliable hardware. NOBODY can't debate that FACT

MaximusPrime3499d ago

microsoft said that xbox 360 version will win. Sony said PS3 version will win.

I say wait and see.

i Shank u3499d ago

Competitive corporate Tug of War = Consumer victory

darkvenom3499d ago

I want is the PS3 version.

Pain3499d ago

Cant go wrong with PS3 Version, Free online and Side quest r side quest not main story so you wont
be missing much if u dont get to play them.

kinda like the PSP versions of the GTA's nice etxra's but not missing much.