2012 Year on Year Sales and Market Share Update to December 1st

Worldwide Hardware (YTD):

1: 3DS - 10,375,951
2: PS3 - 9,214,702
3: 360 - 7,925,845
4: Wii - 4,042,414
5: PSV - 3,219,048
6: DS - 2,721,188
7: PSP - 2,561,977
8: WiiU - 787,561

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Godchild10202199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

For a 250-300 dollar system the Vita is not doing so bad when you compare it to some of the cheaper systems out there.

3DS is doing a bang up job with those sales. The PS3 and 360 are down from last year, Wonder how much more they will sell this year.

Seraphemz2199d ago

I never understood why people based how good a product was on how it sold. The Vita is an amazing product, as long as it sells enough for SONY to support it, thats all I care about....

mcstorm2199d ago

I agree but i tend to own all the consoles. Good to see the ps3 and 360 selling so well late on in there life.

I think the wiiu sales are good to. Loving mine at the mo i really think nintendo are on for a winner with this console for core and none core.

Godmars2902199d ago

Catch 22 advertising: if a lot of people like it, then you should buy it.

For me as an (J)RPG fan who was expecting them to develop past PS1 days, I've pretty much been screwed. Was only made to realize that they haven't developed past their PS1 days.

sikbeta2199d ago

Compared to DS/3DS, Vita numbers are bad, but heck, 3DS is doing average at best on the US+EU market so the writing is on the wall, Smartphones + Tablets are killing dedicated gaming handhelds

inb4 rage at me:

sales =/= product quality

Vita is a great product but it can't live in the current market where flashy I-thingies are king and 0.99 time-wasters are good enough for the average joes that don't want to spend time in a full game like they do in their comfy couch with their awesome PS360s Home Gaming Systems...

CommonSenseGamer2199d ago

I was about to ask if 10mil sales in a year was good or not for a handheld.

Looking at Sony's combined sales for its handhelds does not make for great reading considering they had forceast 12mil in sales for 2012. Sure 6mil is ok (I guess) but you can't deny the impact that smartphones and tablets is having. I'm not sure the Vita will last 10 years but it will probably be the last true next gen handheld dedicated to gaming released.

Seraphemz2199d ago

@CommonSenseGamer - If phones or tablets are the only platforms for handheld gaming... we are screwed!

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Qrphe2199d ago

There is no denying that the Vita isn't doing well. Sony expect 10mill sells by the end of the fiscal year and it doesn't seem like they'll meet them.

Godchild10202199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

Doesn't Sony fiscal Year end in some point in February or March? If going by this, I can be wrong and it ends at the end of the year.

Edit: I got my answer and it ends on March 31st, 2013. That is 3 months, to reach a combine total of 10 million sales for Vita and PSP. With all the great Vita titles coming out in Japan and hopefully some great titles for the Vita in the US/EU before that date. It might make it or just fall short, but not by much.

Awesome_Gamer2199d ago

Good to hear the PS3 is the best selling console of this year.

MadMen2199d ago

SONY looking strong across the world

Bigpappy2199d ago

Are VGchartz still rumors or can we now site them as factual?

Lvl_up_gamer2199d ago

Well if anyone accepts these numbers then they must be accepting the PS3 is still 2 million behind the 360 in world wide sales....

Hicken2198d ago

Well, given that they STILL don't have the actual numbers from Sony in their charts(70.2 million as of October), they're STILL not correct. Interesting how, on the other hand, they've got the 360 ABOVE the last official lifetime totals(though the Black Friday numbers are probably added in).

Let's not be idiots, here; it's perfectly possible- and seems to be the case- that they get SOME numbers right while they get OTHERS wrong. They've got a history of undertracking the PS3- which is more than evident right now, don't you think?), so they can't be completely reliable. Plus they, themselves, say their numbers are only ESTIMATES.

Are YOU accepting of these numbers? I'll bet you are. I'll bet, despite the numbers straight from Sony(and no, I'm not gonna look em up and post a link to em, as they've been all over the site, and you damn well know what they are), you STILL think the PS3 is 2 million behind.

Lvl_up_gamer2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

Hicken, How can you prove they have the numbers wrong when Sony releases sales to retail and VGChartz releases sales to customers?

There will always be a difference in corporations numbers from what VGChartz numbers are.

What sources are you using that shows sales from retail to customers to back up your claims that VGChartz under tracks Sony?

This argument of VGChartz under tracking Sony has been going on since VGChartz started tracking the PS3 and 360 sales and Sony fanboys didn't like the large difference between the 2 sales numbers.

Of course the numbers are estimates. What idiot would think they are not? How would they be able to track sales in a small village in zimbabwe? Point is they are as accurate as possible for the limited amount of sales data they can collect from retails. I could easily say that they are over tracking PS3 sales....because like you said, these are only "estimates".

Until you can provide solid proof of ALL total sales from retail to customers, then YOU can't say their numbers for Sony are over tracked or under tracked.

This is pretty common sense.

SilentNegotiator2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

You two are eating bologna like Lady and the Tramp ate spaghetti - in a way that serves each other and in an attempt to eventually create others just like you. lol

Just because VGChartz is showing totals this way, that doesn't devalue that fact that their weekly/monthly stuff almost always undertracks. In fact, this kind of proves it - how could the ps3 being doing sooooo bad and then all of the sudden be selling THAT much more?

VGChartz always throws away their bogus "estimations" when official numbers release, anyway. So their numbers kinda DO become fact eventually. But it's not always obvious when.

VGChartz isn't any less crap those times of the year when they have the right numbers for at least SOME of the systems. But when they CLEARLY have a better idea of what the score is (when it supports the ACTUAL numbers and not just NA numbers), their article comment sections are going to be filled with more discussion than hate.

Belking2199d ago

3DS is really crushing Vita in total sales.

MasterCornholio2199d ago

Funny how you care about sales so much but then you never to mention the quality of the 3DS library. I guess your not a true Nintendo fan then. You should be ashamed of yourself putting sales before games.

Motorola RAZR i

Belking2198d ago

lol are you serious Read the title. It's about SALES.

When it comes to quality titles the 3ds is crushing vita in that category. No doubt about it. Vita is struggling with 3rd party support and quality games right now. Open your eyes dude.

B1663r2199d ago

If you align for launch date, the PS3 is now in fourth place...

Aussiegamer2199d ago

That is all.

Good numbers for 360 and ps3 when they are late into life cycle.

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