You Can Assassinate Those Flying Prometheans In Halo 4 And Other Myths Confirmed

Kotaku - If you need an extra competitive edge in Halo 4 look no further than defendthehouse's series of myths confirmed and busted.

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PtRoLLFacE1922d ago

wow the battle rifle one was awesome!

no_more_heroes1922d ago

That was just just a whole can of mixed NUTS right there!

SixZeroFour1921d ago

ive done a double in an actual swat game, but havent done or seen a triple till now

1922d ago
no_more_heroes1922d ago

Would never have known it was possible to assassinate Watchers. Those slippery buggers always made sure I was in their sights!

spicelicka1922d ago

This is sickkk. I stuck a teammate with a detonator once and detonated it as he went into a crowd of enemies, it worked and i felt so cool.

FaSCoRP1922d ago

I hate when the models does not have shadows