Minecraft for Xbox 360 will finally have 'The End'

With plenty of additions coming to the latest update of Minecraft on the 360, there are only two more updates left. Unfortunately those who want to have both updates, you'll have to restart with completely new worlds to adap for potion brewing and experience points.

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Muffins12231713d ago

Just out of curiosity,what ever happened to that kinect support they mentioned when they revealed it? Would of been interesting....

armycore1713d ago

Would have also been a great workout. Thinking about doing a digging motion for hours on end.

ShadowKingx1713d ago

Never a End for Creativity, but at least i hope they can work on a improved graphic Minecraft or something. Still lot and lots of replay value for a game like this.

3-4-51713d ago

Next Gen graphics...but still vibrant and bright + the same type of creation and gameplay = Millions of dollars for whatever Dev releases it.

Morgan_Freeman1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Enjoy your last bubble pal.
Edit: wording

DiRtY1713d ago

4.5 million copies sold on 360. Actually this is the 2nd best selling exclusive this year after Halo - and it still sells 50k per week.

MrManchild1713d ago

And it ranks pretty high even if you only compare the revenue. It's the equivalent of selling 1.5 million retail games for 60$ a pop.