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Sony Wishes You a Happy PlayStation Christmas

Look what Sony Claus just left under our Christmas tree! I know, we shouldn’t have peeked yet, but we’re naughty children
-PSLS (PS Vita, PS3, PSP)

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decimalator  +   996d ago
dasbeer88  +   996d ago
I like how Sony said Happy Playstation CHRISTMAS, not that modern Happy Holidays bullshit.

Same thing for Quentin Tarantino's trailers from his upcoming film, Django Unleashed: The trailers say CHRISTMAS DAY, not Holiday 2012.
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FriedGoat  +   996d ago
should be merry ffs.
SnotyTheRocket  +   996d ago
Can't wait for Django, it looks really good.
thorstein  +   996d ago | Well said
"Happy Holidays" is not modern. It dates back to at least 1890. And "Season's Greetings" is even older. It used to be "With the Season's Greetings" until about the 1920s.

The idea that there is some sort of conspiracy to steal Christmas from Christians, however, is fairly recent. As far as stealing the holiday goes, well, according to the Bible, Jesus was born in the fall. This season is actually a Roman Holiday called Saturnalia. December 25th is actually the birth of the Sun God Mithras.

So, instead of getting upset at what people say, maybe we should just accept that what they are doing is wishing us goodwill, and thank them.

That is what I do when someone says, "God bless you" to me after I sneeze. I don't believe in anyone's god, but I smile and say thank you because they wish me goodwill. Just like I would say, "Merry (or Happy) Christmas" to you if you wished me the same.

So, get off the high horse and enjoy the season and all of those that you love.
marylinfelton   996d ago | Spam
GrandTheftZamboni  +   996d ago
I, as a Jedi, am offended!
Pixel_Enemy  +   996d ago
Sony didn't say "Happy Playstation Christmas".. The image says "Seasons greetings" PSLS said it. Get over it anyway, don't even pretend you are offended.

I am not particularly religious but it wouldn't offend me even if it said happy kwanzaa.
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   996d ago

It was Happy Holidays because of Hanukkah and Christmas, not Mithras. Get it? Holy Days?

It's not like Judeo-Christians have a monopoly on holidays, but I hardly think they ever confused it with pagan religions ever since Pope Julius I chose December 25th as the day of celebration in the 4th Century.

Where did Pope Jules come from? ROME! So of course he took a bit from their own customs from a effectively dead religion, but that was 2000 years ago. They have been 100% Christianized.

Unless you bring up Boxing Day or something, please stop trying to "steal" Christmas. Leave that to American retailers...do a much better job.
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Lotus9  +   996d ago
Why would Django Unchained not say Christmas Day?? That's the day it comes out regardless of religion you believe in. Or even if you don't. The 4th of July is the same day in America as anywhere else.
PSNTomaz  +   996d ago
Its because all the Holidays are not on the same day DUH... going by your logic Chiniese new years is on Jan 1st...
CommonSense  +   996d ago
You do realize that Christmas Day and all of Holiday 2012 can be different things, right? Christmas is a specific day....umm...Dec something.
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inveni0  +   996d ago
We're atheists, but we celebrate Christmas Day. We don't celebrate the birth of Jesus, but we do the whole Santa thing with the kids (after all, they only get to live in fantasy for such a short time), and we definitely say, "Merry Christmas," to people we see. We don't have a problem with companies that say Merry Christmas, either. We don't even mind a Christmas Tree in the White House, because the tree is pagan in origin. I think that Christians are more concerned with "Happy Holidays" than everyone else is concerned with "Merry Christmas".
Ser  +   996d ago
Leave it to the internet to argue about being offended by the term "Christmas".

Merry Christmas, guys.
Smashbro29  +   996d ago
Well you see in America there are other holidays around the same time that matter just as much.
jeseth  +   996d ago
@ Thorstein

I agree with your comment and like how you pointed out Jesus' real birth time of year and where some of our common "holiday" phrases come from.

I think the thing that gets Christians, like myself, jerked is that there is a horrible double standard out there. In a country founded on Religious Freedom (America) it seems like everyone likes tearing down Christian traditions but allow and are outspoken about others.

I respect all religions and people's beliefs. I think religion is a good thng to have in people's lives no matter what God you pray to because from what I've seen is that Religion basically encourages you to be a good person and help your fellow man.

What upsets me is that Christmas Tress are frequently being renamed "Holiday Trees" but other religious symbols of other religions are not being renamed to be more PC. I live in RI and our Christmas Tree in the State House was renamed the "Holiday Tree" but they have a Menorah right next to it with a sign saying Happy Hannukah (sorry for any mispelling)! That to me is offensive in that my religion is being censored while others go unchecked.

Either celebrate them all equally or make them all generalized.
TheTwelve  +   995d ago
Word up my homie
IAmLee  +   996d ago
this is like the kindest troll ever.
Sev  +   996d ago | Funny
The children were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of Kratos appeared as he severed some heads.
dbjj12088  +   996d ago
Hahaha, I'll + you "Funny" for that one.
doctorstrange  +   996d ago
Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even an ottsel
rezzah  +   996d ago
doctorstrange  +   996d ago
Seems people don't like Jak and Daxter
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alexcosborn  +   996d ago
Good one :D
MariaHelFutura  +   996d ago
It's not Xmas w/o a decapitation.
Godmars290  +   996d ago
Those be some messed up kids.
HebrewHammer  +   996d ago
I'm a Jew.

A lonely Jew.

On Christmas...
bloodybutcher  +   996d ago
would jew join me on christmas then?:)
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thorstein  +   996d ago
I celebrate it, and I am atheist. Bwahahaha! No one can stop me from giving to those I love and spending time with them!!! BWAAHHAHAHAHHA!
bloodybutcher  +   996d ago
i don't celebrate it.i just participate because i want to get some stuff:P well, now it's changing because i have my family now, but before i just didn't care.same with birtdays:)
Smashbro29  +   996d ago
I'm with ya man!

Maybe Nintendo will wish us a Happy Hanukkah.
dafegamer  +   996d ago
bloodybutcher  +   996d ago | Funny
dashing through the snow, with the huge Artemis blade, look at Kratos go, slaying all the way!
Helios lost his head, Poseidon lost both eyes,
i must really say, Kratos is not nice!
breaking Hera's neck, screwing Hepheastuses wife,
this guy simply knows what is best in life!
GrandTheftZamboni  +   996d ago
Cryptcuzz  +   996d ago
That is truly awesome. You sir have a talent!
Dasteru  +   996d ago
*When along came Kratos and severed their heads*
NoFanboyRequired  +   996d ago
Good christmas story right there. +bub for you lol.
dbjj12088  +   996d ago
LOL, OK....
violents  +   996d ago
Sony claus left nothing but happy wishes under my tree, I wanted presents.

Guess I'll just have to be happy with all my free playstation plus games. OH NO, right?
SPAM-FRITTER-123  +   996d ago
don't you pay for PS+?

where do you get free PS+ so i can play all these FREE games.
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Hicken  +   996d ago
Get a PS3, and you'll get at least a free month of Plus. Get the white one advertised on Amazon, and you'll get a year for free.

Really, stop trolling. You PAY for the SERVICE; the games are a BONUS, ESPECIALLY since even if you DID count the games, Plus would have payed for itself after just a handful of games.
BitbyDeath  +   996d ago
Here's a link SPAM

"PlayStation Plus: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Free for Members"


You should sign up and you too could get Free games.
MysticStrummer  +   996d ago
Are you from the US? I only ask because the US is so bad at math and you seem to be as well. If what you get with your paid service has a greater value than the fee itself, it means you're getting something for free. See? Math can be fun after all.
CommonSense  +   996d ago
All he did was point out that PS+ isn't free. Which is true. What's wrong with you people? Seriously
Lvl_up_gamer  +   996d ago
So now pay to play is considered free? So i have been playing online for free over xbl the last 10 years? Awesome thanks MS.

I will never understand the sony loyalist mentality. They talk trash that xbl requires a paid subscription to get access to online and free games and content but PS+ is not a bad thing because you pay a subscription so that you can pay MORE for discounts and get free games so long as you keep paying for a subscription every year....

The hypocrisy on this site seriously blows my mind.
P_Bomb  +   996d ago
You're not paying for online access though, Lvl_up_Gamer. Or Youtube, Netflix, the web browser. All that's still free by default. You're not forced to buy it.

There's even a difference on shared features like cloud storage. Apart from the difference in MB capacity, Plus Cloud also unlocks all DRM'd save files. I pay for Gold yet there are still games like ME3 that it *won't* let me back up to cloud.

The difference in game access is pretty vast. Even just looking at shared multiplat titles from Games on Demand. Plus gets you full access to Saints Row 2 and Just Cause 2. With XBL Gold, you still have to buy them.

If you use it, it can pay for itself on just those two games alone. Depends on the individual. It's not "Sony loyalist mentality". Costco does the same thing. http://www.costco.ca/?cm_re...
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Sheikh Yerbouti  +   996d ago
When you have a buy one get one free deal do you pull up at your McDonald's or Gamestop and say..."It's not free because I had to buy one first, Durh!"

NO. Because you'd be look upon as an idiot. Same here. No one's at a lost of what it means...there's really no such thing as a free lunch. You're standing up and saying you're an ass if you think this is new information to ANY consumer.

If it bothers you that bad, Tell Sony to take down all the 'FREE's from their store front for PS+.

Really, are all you 15 years old?

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andibandit  +   996d ago
Hicken is right

Its free....
After you paid for it
violents  +   996d ago
Yes I support sony by purchasing the premium service subscription for 50 bucks and have been givin in return like almost a thousand dollars of free games over the year since e3. So would severely discounted work better for you? Because I really need your approval on this one. I'm still gunna say free so choke on that just a little, k?
violents  +   996d ago

The only person in here talking trash is you. all I said is playstion plus gives me free games. Considering I paid 50 bucks and have gotten much more than that back in "free for plus members" games I would have to say That the service paid for itself in like 10 minutes of having it, so yes FREE GAMES.
violents  +   996d ago
I think its hilarious that half of the people talking trash about my innocent comment only have like 1 or 2 bubbles to use.

BitbyDeath  +   995d ago
If i paid $50 at the petrol pump and was told all my future fillings were free for a year, i'd consider that free as well.

I already got my moneys worth at day 1.
Cam977  +   996d ago
The Unfinished Swan is one of the upcoming discounts, I plan to buy it and play it on or after Christmas Day to make it seem even more special.
MattyG  +   996d ago
All I want for Christmas is The Last of Us. Or PSASBR. That'd work too.
Obnoxious_Informer  +   996d ago
This is wonderful. I'm a PlayStation Christmas fanboy and I approve.
pody  +   996d ago
...this message.
VitaOwner  +   996d ago
If Sony were to give me a free playstation game, then it really would be a happy playstation christmas.
isa_scout  +   996d ago
I wish instead of wishing me a happy Christmas they woulda made some games for me to buy this Christmas. Oh well, at least I got Far Cry 3 which by the way is AMAZING!!!
fgrtgjrtr   996d ago | Spam
youndamie  +   996d ago
I just love the PlayStation community
RPG1201  +   996d ago
I'm sure what it really wishes for is to sell games.
Buff1044  +   996d ago
Well, if anyone questioned this site's allegiance to a specific company, here is the proof. Top story? A holiday card from Sony.
LordHiggens  +   995d ago
Okay...was expecting some discounts or ps plus shenanigans...not a $@$^ing card. Cards piss me off...honestly I'd rather you save that 3.67 and give it to me so I can at least enjoy a McDouble and fries at the local Mickey Ds. Nothing but a waste of money...just tell me what you think of me...give me the 3.67 and I'll have a warm heart and a full belly. Seriously though...cards are a waste of goddamn time and money. I don't see how people don't understand that.
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