GamesBeat: BioShock Infinite forces players to confront racism (hands-on preview)

GamesBeat's Alejandro Quan-Madrid: BioShock Infinite addresses the racist history of the United States in a pretty astonishing way. I came away pleasantly surprised at how developer Irrational Games wove such powerful social issues into a very captivating narrative. The racial component starts off subtle but then becomes unavoidable at later points. Experiencing it first-hand is a testament to the power of interactive media and Irrational’s storytelling abilities.

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RockYou1775d ago

If it's anything like BioShock 1's take on objectivism, this should be interesting.

roblef1775d ago

Day one must buy, right here.

SybaRat1775d ago

...but, but, I actually WANT a white-man-killing simulator! It sounds so remarkably different from all the other white-man-filled shooters out there!

RockYou1775d ago

Right? I can think of a lot of video games that technically qualify as "white man killing simulators."