Holiday Sale DIY Budget Gaming PC Build - $600 Gaming PC Guide

GamersNexus: "This DIY budget gaming PC is targeted for those looking to spend around $600 and takes advantage of holiday/Xmas sales. This is another AMD-equipped build, given AMD's high cost-to-performance ratio in the mid-range and low-end markets. Despite the i3's excellent performance, we've recently been pushing more toward quad-core systems to help accommodate future gaming trends."

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PS3ROCKS2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

PC Gaming FTW

thebudgetgamer2023d ago

Yea, and this one actually adds the os into the price.

r40k2132022d ago

I find it interesting that they chose a SSD drive as the primary and an HDD as optional. Personally would have gone the other way around for various rather obvious reasons.

gamern4g2022d ago

I like console gaming, its all the time ready to fire.