PlayStation Store Preview – December 11th, 2012: Grand Theft Classic

It’s not common for a PS2 Classic to outshine all of the new PS3 and PS Vita releases, but this week’s addition of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will easily steal the spotlight. If you’re not up for revisiting the good ole days with CJ, then your best bet may be either the new Dishonored DLC, or the value Big Sky Infinity brings with Cross-Buy.

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Sev1866d ago

I'm gonna have to grab that Dishonored DLC.

dbjj120881866d ago

Same here. Looks like a lot of fun to exploit some maxed out powers.

crunchychocobo1866d ago

May look at San Andreas so I can see what all the GTA hype is about. Never played one before.

Cam9771866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Really? Wow! I highly recommend it, I too would buy it if I didn't have it on PS2 and PC. I'm holding off so I can buy Unfinished Swan when it's discounted this month as part of the sales.

It's a huge shame SA doesn't work on the Vita, that'd be a dream come true.

Xof1865d ago

I'd suggest Vice City over it. It's a lot more fun, whereas San Andreas pretty much represents the series' shark-jumping moment to me.

alexcosborn1866d ago

Who can resist a trip back to San Andreas?

SandWitch1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Am I the only around here

who didn't like San Andreas?

Eziowellington1866d ago

my fav gta, actually thats what got me into open world

Sev1866d ago

The moment I read that, I immediately thought of that meme. Thanks for giving me that visual feedback I needed.

KangarooSam1866d ago

Shut the f*ck up, Donny!

Only saying that cause of the picture haha

belac091866d ago

no your not, i dont really like any of the GTA games. just my opinion.

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ftwrthtx1866d ago

Have to check out Big Sky.

BattleAxe1866d ago

Well unfortunately, its not like there's anything else to check out. Its hard to understand why there is f**k all to buy for the Vita on the PSN just before Christmas.

Myst1866d ago

Just saw a trailer for the game after reading your comment. Will have to check it out as well.

dbjj120881866d ago

My first PS2 classic will probably be San Andreas this week.

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The story is too old to be commented.