BioShock Infinite’s generic protagonist fits into every game (gallery)

DeWitt’s boring pose and general design are so banal that you could stick him in any action game and he wouldn’t seem out of place — something you could not do with a Big Daddy.

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darkronin2291830d ago

That Uncharted cover was the first thing that came into my mind when I saw this, too.

pixelsword1830d ago

They all fit the same because the main character's are the same. Just like the Mass Effect Shepard/ Resistance hale/ Infamous Cole clone that's probably 40 or 50 more characters.

I like Nariko from HS, The old and New Dante from DMC, Emmit from StarHawk, Faith from Mirror's Edge, Tawodi from Prey, Robots, Aliens, and sometimes creative things that don't exist to be the main character. Devs act like people won't buy the game if it's not one of those two types of guys.

That's probably why shooters feel samey because you're playing the same dog-gone character in just about all of them.

EditorAtGNG1829d ago

You put Shepard out there yet you don't really grasp that he could also be a she, and everyone probably made their own. So, it doesn't really fit the profile.

sikbeta1829d ago

lol that pic works great for the BI cover XD

joab7771829d ago

I agree but from what i have read, we will all forget about the stupid cover in march. Why not the girl?

violents1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

yeah it looks like nathan drakes gay brother with the ascot on.

The call of duty and max pain ones look the best.

Irishguy951829d ago

Nathan looks a good bit gayer than this guy to be fair

ThichQuangDuck1829d ago

They made it a Brotastic cover to reach a wider market. There will be alternate covers.I do however wish there was an overall variation in what gaming protagonist looked like

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JeffGrubb1830d ago

The guys in my frat are gonna love this!

NagaSotuva1830d ago

The Modern Warfare 3 mockup is dead on, which is kinda sad.

PhoenixRising371830d ago

What color background do you think the soldier on the MW4 box will have?

I'm guessing purple.

Relientk771830d ago

Definitely fits the Uncharted 1 and 3 covers

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The story is too old to be commented.