Spike Video Game Awards 2012 Was Extremely Immature And Downright Awful

Mobile & Apps: "Spike Video Game Awards 2012 has ended, the winners have been announced and the losers sent to a corner to reminisce on what could have been. The question is though, was the awards any good, and do we really need another one in the future."

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JelalTrueshot1987d ago

It always has been. However, I believe this was their best year yet. Inclusions such as Journey and Half Life 2 give me some hope. I was convinced they were going to name Mass Effect or HALO as the game of the decade.

EVILDEAD3601987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

The VGA as a show is getting better and better. The people who hate the format arent necessarily the audience that Spike is trying to capture.

If people don't realize why it's important to have the celebs, the music guests, the fanfare, and the comedic entertainment then they missed the point.

When you look at movies and music for example, you have the Grammys and the Oscars as the pinultimate for those entertainment mediums.

But, the awards shows that grew just as big and are watched the most by this generation is the MTV Musice Awards and the MTV Music awards.

The VGAs are modeled after these kinds of award presentations.

Are they perfect? Absolutely not. I would have loved to see more presentations of the awards, but they showed what they felt were the most important in the time constraints of trying to entertain.

IMO I'll take the entertainment value anytime. The Sam Jackson mode skits were absolutely hilarious.

Again, just like the humble beginnings for the MTV award shows, the spike show is getting better and better. As well as developers who are taking the premieres more serious and putting out good stuff.


Nemesis45671987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Hmm, I actually would agree with you on that. But here's my two cents. These "celebrities" and musical guests aren't true "gamers". So a lot of times when they speak about gaming it seems fake or they really don't know what they're talking about. We almost had a live action uncharted movie where Drake has a family full of thieves. Look at what Paul Anderson has done to every video game film he touches. I think celebrities have their place in the grammys and the oscars most definitely. But in a video game award show.... No. That world is for true gamers. Don't get me wrong, there are some celebs who do enjoy games in their spare time. But for the most part they have no idea what their doing or talking about. Again, just my two cents.

EVILDEAD3601987d ago

@ Nemesis

'I think celebrities have their place in the grammys and the oscars most definitely. But in a video game award show.... No. That world is for true gamers.'

I get what your trying to say, but again you miss the point of award shows of any medium.

If you look at the Acadamy awards..This year you have Seth Macfarlane hosting. In the past you had Chris Rock, Ellen Degeneres, Jon Stewart, David Letterman.

Why do we have comedians hosting the Academy Awards? It's the entertainment value.

When Jethro Tull beat the smoking hot Metallica years ago at the Grammys, it showed that the Grammys didn't represent the youth and were out of touch.

Which is why years later you have both the MTV Music AND Movie awards.

Now we ALL know people never took 'The Best Kiss' award serious at all. but, as the years went on Movie makers realized that these events were a perfect way to promote movies to the mass market.

We had an entire TV station dedicated to 'True Gamers' and in the short years the Spike awards have gone a long way to promotingour video game culture to the mass media as any one event on G4TV has ever had beyond the E3 coverage.

Video gamers are doing entertainment numbers which is why it's getting the notice it has. It's the records being broke by Call of Duty and's the amazing work this gen of combining cinema AND video gameplay from games like Mass Effect and Uncharted that has Hollywood staring hard at what the medium is doing.

Yeah, we ALL know how cheesy some of this stuff gets, but I genuinely laughed at Some of the material (again Sam Jackson mode in Walking Dead and Halo 4 had me spitting out my drink).

I didn't agree completely with the nominations, but I love the attention titles like Walking Dead and Journey got from the Mass media.

Your simply not going to get ratings if you have a show full of guests from the Bonus Round or Kotaku or IGN. If you want to grow the medium beyond us fans we need Celebs to bring in the viewers, the fanfare, and the ratings.

Spike gets it and the VGAs are again catering to the mass audience of gamers and not JUST true hardcore fans.

Spike is perfect for what it does, but what needs to happen is for there to be streaming and access for gamers to the other more traditional video game awards mediums like the Game Developers Choice Awards etc. that we normally only read about.


unknownhero11231987d ago

I agree however i find handing out awards on the red carpet like what they did to the best male and female voice was insulting.

ElitaStorm1987d ago

giving someone an award and tell them GTFO was extremely immature and awful

its once in a year,

linkenski1987d ago

I agree but the show itself was so bad, and i just sat and cringed all the time. The stuff going on, on the stage - with the exception of awards and thank-you-speeches - have NOTHING to do with gaming.
Linkin' Park? It was already horrible to hear that song at the credits of the game. Tenacious D... what did the do to earn a place in videogaming this year? More importantly, what did Samuel Jackson do this year!? These people don't represent gaming in ANY. POSSIBLE. WAY!

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iamnsuperman1987d ago

Just make it a professional award show with black tie + meal affair with only awards given. How come every other medium can do it correctly but gaming can't. It just makes gaming look immature

Zha1tan1987d ago

And why should gaming have to conform to every other entertainment industries award show prerequisites?

It was childish but its purpose is to entertain and get views, its not exactly strict on decorum and why should it be?

darthv721987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

answered your own question.

simply put, gaming is as much a part of entertainment as movies and music. It has taken many years to be accepted as such so to break that stereotype of a childish and immature form of entertainment they should be as willing to embrace the spotlight like other mediums do.

Perhaps it is leading by example. If gaming took the high road to be professional in their awards shows could lead to us (the gamers) being more mature as well.

I mean come on. Unless you are over 30 then you grew up in a society of gaming that has been keeping things down instead of letting them evolve. Which is why there is so much disrespect of those who may share a difference of opinion.

there may be fans in the movies and music and tv side of things but in gaming its those over the top fans that hurt the rest of us who are just trying to enjoy this entertainment medium.

A little class, especially when it comes to awards shows, isnt too much to ask.

iamnsuperman1987d ago

"And why should gaming have to conform to every other entertainment industries award show prerequisites?"

Well it doesn't it is just good etiquette. Spike is the big awards show but it just comes across like the MTV movie awards/Nickelodeon award quality.

Dlacy13g1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Its definitely a fair point in terms of "it purpose is to entertain"...

But other awards shows such as the Oscars are also about entertaining while rewarding peers.

The problem is the VGA's don't want to be an awards show, they want to be a promo show for upcoming "new" unrevealed games as that draws more attention then the actual rewards. We tune in for the game reveals not for the bullshit awards and horrid musical acts.

I mean come on...they are handing out awards back stage prior to the show proper with Spike / Gametrailer scrubs just handing these guys the award out of the blue...WTF?

I say just throw the towel in Spike and call it the VGR (Video Game Reveal) show, hold it every December and just do an hour long show of video game reveals and ditch the awards that mean nothing coming from Spike TV. Make it a mid year sort of E3 and I think we all would have no problem with it.

Bimkoblerutso1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Because video gaming is as viable a medium as any other form at this point. Just looking at the nominees and winners should be enough of an indicator that the video game demographic has moved quite a bit beyond the bro-tastic frat boy crowd that's automatically satisfied by a pair of boobs and a bunch of random explosions.

In fact at this point, I'd argue that the show is doomed to continually miss the point simply for the network it's on.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1987d ago

As per usual. It would be nice to see most of the awards actually given. It might help to get rid of the meaningless celebrity appearances.

Eldyraen1987d ago

If you watch the preshow online you get to see the rest of the awards being shown before the ceremony ;)

The whole "awards show" angle is a joke but its still mildly entertaining at times and had a few cool videos and some well deserved award choices this time around. It's more like an MTV awards show than an Oscars but in many ways more commercialized/publicity based even.

Still, I got a few laughs (Southpark opening--been a while since watched it) and some cool trailers out of it so not a total bust. And as I said, some of the devs/games really deserved it this time around.

CaptainPunch1987d ago

What do you expect from a network like Spike?

Hellsvacancy1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Watching the VGA was awful, I hated it, I like Samual Jackson, not that much though, he was too over the top

I wont ever sit up until 4am watching rubbish like the VGAs again

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