Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward & PS Vita Bundle Exclusively on Amazon

Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward Chosen for Amazon Exclusive Sony PlayStation®Vita Handheld Entertainment System Bundle

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ftwrthtx1771d ago

if you get a bundle like ACIII Liberation, you'll have 2 games to play.

Godchild10201771d ago

If you get the 3G/Vita IGC Bundle you will get 5-8 games to start off with. 2 games you can keep after your member ends.

I like the White Vita, but being a gamer, a year of plus is hard to pass up.

ftwrthtx1771d ago

Very true. I've been a plus member since its inception, and have no regrets.

mi_titan271771d ago

i was able to get the white vita, 3mos. of plus, playstation all stars & AC3 for $179.99 from amazon.

TerminalGamer1771d ago

That was a helluva deal titan.

dbjj120881771d ago

Excellent deal!
I hope a lot of people find Vitas under the tree this year.

ftwrthtx1771d ago

My daughter wants one now.

knifefight1771d ago

Yeam my friend's two sons want a Vita real badly because they see me playing mine and think it's the bomb, but she won't get 'em one because of the price :(