GDC 2008: Fable 2 Co-op First Look by Gamespot

Gamespot writes:

"Earlier this week, during a pre-GDC meeting with Peter Molyneux, we were treated to the latest of the ambitious game designer's presentations of Fable 2. At last year's Game Developers' Conference, we were introduced to the pet dog that will accompany you through your Fable 2 adventure, and four months later at E3 we had an opportunity to try out the game's one-button combat system for the first time. Molyneux had another ace up his sleeve for GDC 08: the unveiling of Fable 2's 'dynamic' offline cooperative-play system."

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NO_PUDding3798d ago

Way more impressive to hear about that.

I think like many of us PS3 owners knew, this is oen game we are definately envious of the 360 beign the exclsuive home of. And clever, really clever, that the games are tneding to stop mollycoddling the player now, and starting to have a "live with it" ethic.

Your family was killed, cus you let someone untrustworthy near, it's your fault. Yes, I am intrigued.

But the dog like I ahve said in anotehr trehad seems a gimmicky reminder of the true friends that Agro in SotC was. Without ebign overtly cartoony, to be able to display emotions.

ACn't wait to se emore, to make a more fair judgement.

ps360s3798d ago

I have both systems...Fable one I played on the PC but didnt complete it...yeah I know what you all thinknig but when I played it on the PC it was like few monthes old and I just heard about it from a friend lol and their were other great games I were playing

Anyway...This with the pet dog reminds me of that rpg from the snes days where you went into the future by messing around with a machine found at soem abadon place and he had a pet dog everytime you lvl up your dog lvls up and changes too...forgot whats it call...ermm anyone know what I'm talking about?

PlayStation3603798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

That was crazy when Atkins shot the guy, thus made Molyneux's in-game kid live at the orphanage. It really shows you how wild this game is gonna be. First day buy for me.

wow4u3798d ago

I think you're right. There is going to be much re-playability here.

You'll be able to skip in and out of other peoples games (with their permission of course) -- how cool is that?

You just send an invite and "poof" you join his adventure. That's the way internet gaming in this generation should be done.

Good work Molyneux.

Martini3797d ago

This is why XBOX Live is so great but some people just don't understand.

PlayStation3603797d ago

I'm gonna be REAL strict on who I will allow to join me as my henchman. Don't want someone killing my family! :P

OOG FunK3798d ago

can you say wow endless possibilities

tgh machines3798d ago

This game is going to OWN. This is my most anticipated game of all time.

Sayai jin3798d ago

Good news! This game is starting to look more more impressive.

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