Wii U mature content restrictions 'due to German law'

German regulations are the cause of a restriction that reserves mature rated Wii U eShop purchases to the hours between 11pm and 3am, Nintendo has claimed.

In a statement sent to CVG Nintendo of Europe said it is bound to abide by the regulations as it is based in Germany.

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majiebeast1541d ago

Time to relocate your main europe office.

iamnsuperman1541d ago

I agree. It may be a bit of a logistical mess to move the offce somewhere else but the restriction is extremely un-user friendly for european gamers

guitarded771540d ago

It's kinda ridiculous to have such laws in place. Especially for Germany. As an American looking from the outside in, I'd think Germany would be more open minded considering they have such a highly educated populous.

dazzrazz1540d ago

Temporary prohibition lol :D

PopRocks3591540d ago

But... but... it's still Nintendo's fault! Right guys?!

Chrono1540d ago

Nintendo will never grow up.