The Last of Us: Do You Think Joel and Ellie Survive?

Greg Miller:

So, there's a new The Last of Us trailer thanks to the VGAs, a May 7th release date, and a bunch of preorder goodies. Hooray! But here's my question to you, lovely reader -- do you think Joel and Ellie are going to survive The Last of Us?

Back when Game Informer did its blowout on The Last of Us, the magazine quoted Naughty Dog Last of Us Guru Neil Druckmann as saying: "The story is self-contained. The story stands on its own. We don’t end on a cliffhanger. The characters and the journey they go through ends with this story."

As post-apocalyptic fiction such as The Walking Dead franchise and The Road has shown us, these kinds of stories rarely conclude with a happy ending. Is it possible that Joel and/or Ellie won't be breathing when the final credits roll?

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Godchild10201959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

There are a few ways to find out; 1) Play the game to the very end and avoid spoilers around the web. 2) Watch the ending on the Web. 3)Talk to someone that beat the game around the time of release or after release.

As for the question; In the VGA trailer, it shown Ellie pulling a gun out on Joel or someone. So, I think only one of them will make it out alive. Unless there is some crazy twist in the game and Naughty Dog is good for those, so I might be wrong and something else might happen.

DeletedAcc1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Joel wore his winter jacket and ellie her summer shirt
Their are different scenes
Naughty Dog just wanted to troll us and it worked :DD
ellie would never kill joel :'f

Crazyglues1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Of course they make it, how else are we going to get The Last Of Us II on PS4... ..LoL

The Game is really Looking Awesome can't wait to play this should be a blast..

- Naughty Dog looks like they are taking some chances and doing things a little different - and that looks like it's going to mean an awesome game for us. I can't wait..

- And call me crazy but I do already want a part II if this indeed turns out to be an amazing game, I would love to see a PS4 version down the line.. especially since this is their first time at this kind of infected people game..

so it will be amazing to see how they refine and push pass our expectations for a part 2 especially since by then they will have real experience with the new tech as Uncharted 4 is expected to be a launch title for PS4.

That team will clearly be sharing tech secrets with the last of us team.


bothebo1958d ago

They die on the first level. Hate to ruin it for all of you.

iamnsuperman1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

I can see Joel dying more than ellie but I agree i am not expecting a happy ending. There isn't really a happy ending to a post-apocalyptic world with an infection going on.

Edit: also if both are going to die i expect Ellie to go first and joel go on a suicidal rampage

majiebeast1959d ago

We wont know till we play the game. Last scene in the trailer is just a smart thing they did with editing.

Imalwaysright1958d ago

I can see Joel diying and Ellie surviving for an eventual sequel.

wishingW3L1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

if you pay attention to the latest trailer you'll see that it either:

1) gives away the ending


2) there will be some epic twist

Because the trailer subtly says that Ellie will kill Joel.

th3n00bg4m3r1958d ago

Joel was wearing his winter clothes and he has ice all over his beard, but Ellie was wearing her summer clothes. So, i don't think the ending will be just like the ending of the "story" trailer.

DeletedAcc1958d ago

ND said they didnt spoil that much in the trailer
It would be a BIG event in this game if its true and a BIG spoiler but its not

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