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resistance1003716d ago

Why doesn't it tell us anything about Gears 2 >_<

jwatt3716d ago

AW I thought they were going to show gameplay footage since they had pics of it.

pharmd3716d ago

yeah, they might wanna get rollin on that if they're gonna have it out in november, i expected somethin sweet

rofldings3716d ago

Played the first one on PC, I enjoyed it. I'll play this as well then. :)

wow4u3716d ago

to 1.2:

I'm sure they're already working on it... they just wanted to show the programmers what the engine does... its not a game players conference you know :)

Lifendz3716d ago

love the animation. Hopefully they do a better job with the story this time. And I'd like a few instances where you face more than like four guys at a time. Just to switch things up a bit. Can't wait for this one. Hopefully MS allows my roommates "order" to go through on his 360 repair.

JBaby3433716d ago

The first one had a story? I don't remember any story to it. I do agree though that the second needs more enemies at a time because I got kind of bored with the first especially since they basically all came straight at you. Graphically though it remains one of the best. Lets hope the second surpasses the original's graphics.

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Monty_The_Great3716d ago

I guess, doesn't show anything at all, well except that it will be out in Nov '08, which is awesome. IMO, this will be the biggest game of '08, it will get the kind of coverage that H3 got, it will be everywhere.

hades073715d ago

I have a feeling this teaser tells us more than we think.

1. You hear Dom saying "if anything happens to me find maria." Could this be the story to this game, Dom gets killed or injured, and you have to find Maria, at least for part of the game, to tell her what happened.

2. Knowing Epic, instead of killing dom he'll probably be turned into some kind of locust soldier or something, like everyone expects the Locusts queen is not a locusts at all. That would be a sweet final boss, fighting dom after playing him in the first game.

3. The chainsaw. Maybe locusts can now block the chainsaw, instigating some kind of mini game like RE4 where you have to press the right buttons and you push them away and chainsaw them in the back. That would definately be sweet and intense if you can still die from other locusts while the minigame is taking place, like you have to do it as quick as possible to limit your chance of dying.

Alcohog3715d ago

God, I hope not.

<---Does not want Gears of War 2 Mountain Dew. But then you're probably just the kind of sucker to buy something like that.

zornik3716d ago

Thats what they call a teaser!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cherrypie3716d ago

Yes. Take Marketing 101, Section 1.5B: Leave them Wanting More.

This is marketing relax.

superman3716d ago

The biggest game of 08 is MGS 4. But I still cant wait for this game. Gears of war fist game i played on xbox 360.

kewlkat0073716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

I did toss it aside for 2 months and such...Ya know there are certain games you never forget when you first get a console. Gears of War was one of them, welcome to next-gen BAM!!!I remember Jet Set Radio:Future was the first game for my Original Xbox.

Wish they bring that back..

I think the biggest games in 2008, will be

Gears of War 2

Gears deadsmack in the middle of some stiff franchises, well SSB for wii, will be up there as well. I'll never forget this music, next-Gen started for me.

socomnick3716d ago

While mgs 4 is cool it cant compete with gears it would get slaughtered in sales if it came out around the same time.

jwatt3716d ago

Yea I liked gears even though my friend liked it alot more than me. I just felt it had too many glitches but the graphics was still top notch.

I think my top games will be Mgs4, GTA4 and then GeoW and Resistance2.

kewlkat0073716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

MGS4 is a game that is liked in all reagions..NA/Euro/JAP?

I just can't say the same for shooters, that is why I think, that game might appeal to a variety.

GTA4 is one of those sandbox games that will sell no matter, looking at past sales.

Unless your talking about NA only. We all know Japanese gamers are not going to jump for joy for Gears of War and GTA4.

jackdoe3716d ago

Biggest games will be MGS4, GeoW 2, GTAIV, and SSBB(sold a million in Japan alone!).

wow4u3716d ago

I think you'll find that you will be correct.

GTAIV will probably sell the most, then madden and a couple other sports games, but Gears of War 2 will almost certainly out-sell MGS4.

cherrypie3716d ago

You're going to be really surprised about how well Gears of War does. MGS4 is going to have a run for its money...

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TheDarkHado3716d ago

Man, i said i was not going to buy another xbox 360 but damn. I loved the first Gears! Ms had better put a stop to RROD. It got me once, so come Jun (Gaiden) or Nov everything hopefully will be in order. I will be pissed if i have to miss out on account of 360's still RROD.

masterg3716d ago

Yeah Gears is the best of the 360.
If it wasn't that single game I would gladly pack up my 360 and stick only to my PS3. But Gears is still the best next-gen game if you ask me.

Great teaser. Reminds me of Sin City.
But game play would have been nice.