PlayStation Plus: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Free for Members

This week PlayStation Plus continues the piping hot delivery of updates to keep you warm this December. Last week, you took the plunge into the underwater world of Rapture with BioShock 2 joining the Instant Game Collection. This week, you’ll be busting out your shoryukens and controlling gravity with two great games: Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and Rochard!

Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS3 or PS Vita or click here to get access.

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Y_51501923d ago

THis is great! I always wanted to play Rochard and street fighter...I'll just try it out. :P

Godchild10201923d ago

I'm waiting for the PS Vita update for plus. I'll still add those two to my Download list.

Y_51501923d ago

Good idea! I'll put Street fighter IV it on my DL list. But I'm with ya on that Vita update. :)

1923d ago
Reverent1923d ago

@Mary, co-worker's half-sister's neighbor, huh? Sounds like a lot of bullshit to me... Silly spambots aren't even being clever these days.

-Mika-1923d ago

I don't care for rochard but Street fighter! I never played AE so this is really huge. Im so happy capcom is supporting plus.

Godchild10201923d ago

It might push some of those Subscribers to purchase STXT, if they haven't already. And Capcom was supporting Plus with Resident Evil and other titles.

PurpHerbison1923d ago

They should consider adding SFxT to PSPlus since it didn't do so hot with the fans. More people might pick it up if it's free. At least, that's the only way I'll ever play the game again.

ZombieKiller1922d ago

Wow I dont give a damn what any xbox fanboy or critic would say, I f'ing LOVE my PS+

typikal821923d ago

It's something like 18GBs, I downloaded the digital version before to play the 1 hour trial. You need twice that space in order to install it.

kupomogli1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Unless you're still using a fat PS3 that hasn't been upgraded to a larger hard drive, most people won't have concerns with the amount of space required.

I have a 60GB PS3 using a 500GB hard drive.

dabanhfreak011923d ago

Man with all these awesome games I'm running out of HD space. I already replaced my 64GB with a 320GB and even that is full to capacity with 150+ (some very excellent) PSN games. Will have to buy the 750 now.

violents1922d ago

I have a 120gig and ive had to delete so much stuff to accomadate new games. Im gunna have to upgrade my hd soon.

IAmLee1923d ago

Just sold my copy for £15 and now i get it for a free this week, I can't argue with that. :')

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BXbomber1923d ago

lmaoo to think i was gonna buy sf over the weekend and look it here free for plus which im a plus lmaoo i luv u sony

nikrel1923d ago

I'm not really into either title, I realize this will happen at times because we do not get to select the games.

BLAKHOODe1923d ago

I'm not excited for this update either, but no biggie - I've been taking advantage of a lot of Christmas sales and have a TON of new stuff to play while I wait for something amazing comes along on PS Plus.

abzdine1923d ago

good idea, i can finally get rid of SSF4 cause nobody plays it online.

majiebeast1923d ago

Smart move by Sony and Capcom to release it after that giant tournament they had last weekend for the 25th anniversery of streetfighter and megaman.