Fable 2 - new screenshots

Check out some new in game screenshots from the forthcoming Fable 2. The screens show off some outdoor environments and are looking rather pretty.

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Anything but Cute3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

A little cartoonish. I mean look at the characters.

Anything but Cute3743d ago

The game looks like crap. Lets hope it's the gameplay that's good.

TheSadTruth3743d ago

The problem with this game is that it's too ambitious.. the same reason both Black and White and the first fable failed. Peter Molywhatever just has a vision that is too broad to contain in any game, and his products will always be flawed because of this.

actas1233743d ago

So this is kinda of like folklore, right?

Pain3743d ago

Like Folk? Nowhers close.

Rent Fable 1 if u can find it, not great Game but more or less this will be same,looks the same thats for sure thats sure, Plays the same i bet too~

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zornik3743d ago

uhmmmm?.....did World Of Warcraft fail with cartoon graphics?

Anything but Cute3743d ago

I didn't say the game was gonna fail.

poos33743d ago

hahahaha people at game trailers are going crazy at the 3 new footage of fable 2 hahaha the grapics look astonishing +co-op play this game is looking like a classic

Tut3743d ago

I cannot wait for this to come out. As much innovation as Moly was lecturing about concerning time and aging as well as his little portals video... I can only imagine what this game will actually have in store for everyone. I will be snatching this game up as soon as I can after it releases. Thank God that I have a great PC so I can enjoy this bad boy on full settings (I assume).

To "Anything but Cute" I can see your point, but that is the artistic style for Fable. If you have never played the original Fable I would highly recommend picking it up for PC or Xbox... whatever you own. Peter Molyneux and his team have quite a talent for innovation and they know how to make a fun game.

In my opinion, some of those screens are stunningly beautiful. They make me all warm and fuzzy inside. =P

RIPHDDVD3743d ago

What the hell? Looks nothing like the tech demos they've been showing. Downgrade?

games4fun3743d ago

agree with you but since the game isnt out yet i'm not going to say anything more they can easily improve on it with the time they have

Ghoul3743d ago

well its a molinoux game

awesome techdemos 1000 features revolutionary ai and gameplay

and in the end its "just" a good/great game but faar from what you where promised back in the days, he does that since hes in the industry.

black and white and fable was the same disapointment so lets wait and see how the game will performe ill definatly play it :P

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