Guardians of Middle-Earth Review [Game Revolution]

"Multiplayer Online Battle Arena—a term that's practically alien to console gamers. This is mostly due to the assumption by developers that since the genre was born out of PC strategy games, it can't work on a console in any way. I don't think that notion is at all true, though, and thankfully neither do the people at Monolith."

~ Vincent Ingenito, Game Revolution


Sorry, made the mistake of putting this as a preview. It's indeed a review with a 4/5 score.

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alexcosborn1928d ago

Glad to see a MOBA out there that is friendly to newcomers.

RickHiggity1928d ago

Agreed. If you try LoL or Dota for the first time, not only will you suck, but you will be ridiculed by the community.

edureboucas1928d ago

definitely interested in trying this one.

3-4-51928d ago

Game is good. Been playing it for a few days now and it's definitely worth the purchase. Especially knowing they are adding 12 guardians.

Once the Lag and time issues regarding matchmaking are addressed/fixed this game will be that much better.

It's fun/addicting

doctorstrange1928d ago

Good to hear rushing to reach the hobbit release didn't make it suck