Eurogamer GDC 08: Fable 2 Preview

A Microsoft employee called Josh has shot Peter Molyneux's husband in the head. Molyneux confirms that this impossible to undo, and that his child will now be sent to a nearby orphanage. "You can get your kid to follow you," he points out, but you can't quickly get hitched again and dump the sprog on someone else. How about playing a sort of Pied Piper to other people's orphaned children? "You can go around and collect children," he says. "Whether or not that stays in to be honest depends on legal. What I worry about is children witnessing horrific things, like death of parents and stuff like that."

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Anything but Cute3715d ago

Those screen shots don't impress.

But either way, I shouldn't even have an opinion about this, since I don't like XBOX 360.

Greysturm3715d ago

It looks way better than fable 1 i am pretty sure molyneux is sacrificing graphics for features lets just hope they stay relevant and not become a waste in the game. I can imagine someone wanting to make his band of children criminals but only if they can aid you in the main storyline will it hold sense to me to allow it.