SAW game being taken 'as seriously as a movie'

The game's scriptwriter says he is writing title's plot as he would a cinematic release.

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gamesblow3777d ago

So not very, since the movies were complete balls & 100% rip off of torso.... Gotcha...

Mattearl3777d ago

Sure they're a little f*cked up... but they were good.

Here's my main concern on this game.... Replay value...

Scenarist3777d ago

i agree reply value is important unless they make an extremely long game

I hope that the game has multiple endings ...and alot of choices along the way kinda like in the movie were you be thinking to yourself and hoping they do something different ...thats a oppourtunity for a choice in the game ... just hope its not linear where as tho you are guided along a scripted path

Bubble Buddy3777d ago

hehe, saw 1 was genius, and then got less entertaining with each sequel. Wonder how the game will be like.

gamesblow3777d ago

Apparently none of you even remember that horror existed well before 2000. A shame, really.

H.G. Lewis, Lucio Fulci, Bob clark and a host of others hard work was all for nothing in this day and age.

Saw is a complete rip off of Torso... it's well documented.