Xbox World investigates: The 14 game-changing features of Xbox 720

Mag uses penultimate issue to 'tell you everything we know'

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1870d ago

Very detailed article. I can't wait to see what makes it and what doesn't. I'd say we will probably be let down in certain areas but others should make up for them.

Ben_Grimm1870d ago

I agree, I'm not going to get my hopes up or anything. But I'm sure it will be a beast of a machine.

SilentNegotiator1869d ago

"14 game-changing features" is an outrageous thing to write about an unknown console. All of these 720/ps4 articles are getting old.

MasFlowKiller1869d ago

is anyone concerned about price?

Can we really get that console with a Kinnet 2 included for a competitive price?

Tetsujin1870d ago

From the article:

"One rumour is that the first 'slim' version of the next Xbox will drop the optical drive altogether in favour of a download-only platform scheduled for 2015. The 'slim' Xbox, if it comes to pass, would be scheduled for a post-disc world where broadband speeds and network caps have advanced to the point that a 20-30Gb download would be manageable on even an average home connection."

That alone killed any and all respect I had for the system; not because it's 'rumored' to not have a drive, but because they already have a pre-planned date sometime in 2015 for a first slim model.

SephirothX211869d ago

Why? it will take them more time to make the slim version and therefore it will be released later. It will also not have an optical drive. Don't think that Sony didn't have the PS3 Slim planned either. As technology improves, components can be made smaller with no loss in processing power.

MikeMyers1869d ago

That's a killer for you? You do realize that both Sony and Nintendo do the same thing. They are always looking ahead and they know things run more efficiently in time. You think it was just coincidence Sony had a slim model on all 3 of their systems and the PSP?

People will look for any reason to look for not wanting something, even months before anything is official. Meanwhile they will jump on the bandwagon for other companies products before anything is announced as well.

Being a consumer comes many positives and one main one is seeing exactly what the product is while disregarding any loyalty to the company behind it. It's obvious for some they have a really tough time separating the two.

Tetsujin1869d ago


"People will look for any reason to look for not wanting something, even months before anything is official. Meanwhile they will jump on the bandwagon for other companies products before anything is announced as well."

It's not jumping on another companies bandwagon, I don't like how it's already pre-determined and even publicly announced about a future console before the first one is even introduced. I don't want to spend the $ for a console just to hear later "by the way we already have this version in the works for the future." With Sony and Nintendo they kept quiet at least until it was time then released it later, and also after certain hardware issues were addressed. Microsoft could at least release both off the same time to give people the option; however I did read the article and yes I understand with bandwidth caps and download speeds there is a limit; however still having a "plan" to release a new console is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

MikeMyers1869d ago

What difference does it make? You can buy the original model and don't have to wait for this slim model. I doubt Microsoft will not offer any system without an optical drive. It sounds to me it's just a way to offer a cheaper alternative.

Again, this is all heresay. Well find out next year and then we can all make more informed decisions. I'm leaving my options entirely open. All I know is the Wii U is not a must have for me, At least not yet.

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Npugz71870d ago

Holy crap the next Xbox is gonna be a beast!!

1Victor1869d ago

@npug27 agreed but that's on paper only all consoles change before release and to be honest I don't think it will have all the features described in this article other wise get ready to pay one and a half to twice the price of a launch PS3,the ditch of disk isn't going to happen Sony proved it wrong to switch to digital only mid console life with the PSP GO all tho it was a market test for the vita/PS3 day one digital market.

JBSleek1870d ago

I am very excited for the possibilites of the Xbox. Microsoft is hungry and I have a feeling that it will be the most powerful machine as well.

Ben_Grimm1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )


When you are a BILLION dollar company you better have a 5 to 10 year plan or you don't stay a BILLION dollar company for long. Every tech company (every successful company) on earth is thinking 5 years ahead all the time.

It’s how they stay relevant and not die out.

More than likely the slim model will be released at a time when the next gen consoles are declining in sales or the tech inside them has gone down in price for manufacturing. All about marketing and knowing when to release to the consumers.

I meant to reply to you.... *sad face*

Tetsujin1869d ago

I understand that completely; I'm not knocking Microsoft for that, what my concern is how they already have a preplanned console dated for 2015 before even releasing the first console. Thinking ahead isn't a bad thing, but at least either keep quiet and prevent leaks, or at least have a redesign where it fixes whatever current hardware issues are there to prevent future accidents. If this was Sony or Nintendo I'd still feel the same way because it's almost like your buying something that's almost guaranteed to either fail, or segregate the current player base.

With the PS3 the slim came out with some sort of hardware revisions; better cooling, more updated blu ray drive, yes some things (backwards compatibility) were sacrificed, however it was to better the system overall. With the 360 it was to help fix the E74, RRoD, and the open disc try issues; however it's too far in the future to know what hardware issues will be there and know what to fix, that's where I wonder what they (Microsoft) is already planning.

nukeitall1869d ago

So you are saying the Xbox 360 S isn't an improved version over the old one?

It has far better air circulation, lower power requirements, quieter fans, quieter DVD drive, added Wi-Fi, touch buttons, slimmer and smaller console.

I don't know anyone that claims the Xbox 360 S isn't better than the old one. Also, guess what?

The Xbox 360 S retains everything the old Xbox 360 had or have a replacement that is better. In every way, it was and IS the better and upgraded console.

If you think otherwise, let me know in what way specifically?

Also, there is nothing wrong with planning a slim version. Everyone else does it, so why pick on one company especially when that is based on a freaken rumor!

Tetsujin1869d ago

I never said it wasn't a better version, I pointed out some of the fixes that were implemented; its in the second paragraph and not edited at all.

I know most of this is rumor and theory, in my initial post I noted that from the quote in the article; I'm not saying the slim is a bad model or something that shouldn't be done, I'm saying I don't like how someone openly preplans (rumor or not) a slim model in the future and then try to make it like it's ok.

nukeitall1869d ago


All and I repeat *ALL* manufacturers have pre-planned slim releases at this stage. It is something they plan in prior to launch now a days, and is part of their cost analysis before manufacturers add set of pieces into the final console.

They need to know what it is going to cost down the line, and if that item can be removed, replaced or somehow cheapified. They also need to know when about they can cut cost, and how much their early losses will be.

Sony BARELY did this on PS3 and that cost them a lot. Nintendo on the other hand did a marvelous job, just their product is a little out of touch with the core gamers.

MS was very aggressive with this, maybe too aggressive, but it ensured Xbox would survive even if it was a flop.

So no, it is completely fine and SHOULD be done!

Tetsujin1869d ago

Your missing the entire point; you keep going on about how good a slim model is and twisting what I'm saying, I'm not talking about a slim model, I'm talking about how it's not right to have a console now, at the same time talk of a slim model for 2 years (if that's the preplanned date from initial launch) later.

Since there's already talk of something down the road I'm waiting before making any final decisions, and that's if I even decide to buy it at all. Sony and Nintendo kept quiet about their revisions until it was necessary for the public to know what was going on; and what changes were made to better the hardware. Again they didn't just say "buy it today and in a couple of years we have this coming out" like Microsoft is currently doing.

I know this is still all speculation and rumor, however with someone opening their mouth this early about a slim model before the initial model is released is one stupid move; and yet the fanboys will eat this up and argue how it's "ok" to buy something now instead of waiting to see what comes later with this kind of knowledge.

nukeitall1868d ago


You are going on about a rumor about MS planning a release. MS hasnt announced or disclosed anything about the next console, let alone a slim version of the next console.

I think you are unfortunately way off here.

"I know this is still all speculation and rumor, however with someone opening their mouth this early about a slim model before the initial model is released is one stupid move;"

I don't get how you blame MS, yet it is an unwanted leak or rumor and you admit it yourself as much.

Kind of ridiculous if you ask me....

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solid_warlord1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

Here's what i think is reasonable Spec that M$ and $ony for that matter should look toward or get near to.

Next XBOX must have Quad Core, 8GB minimum RAM(16gb prefered).

A GPU Equivelent to HD Radeon 7970 which capable of 4k(for future proof).

Bluray disc or proprietary disc that can possibly have better read speed than BL Disc like on Wii U.

An advance heatsink to handle all that much power(M$ dont wanna go through the RROD)

Get rid of the dpad, put normal directional buttons as all other traditional controllers have.

These are afew important things i beleive next gen need to be a Next Gen system. That spec i mensioned should be able to handle just about anything in the next 5 years.

M$ should make sure that they have atleast 3 TOP exclusives on launch day. I recommend atleast 3 out of these games below:

* Halo 5
* Gears Of War 4
* Forza Motorsport 5
* Project Gotham Racing 5
* Perfect Dark 2
* Banjo Kazoie 3
* Killer Instinct

If those are met, i will buy day 1.

Conzul1869d ago

First of all, it's "Sony", not $ony".

Second of all, there's nothing wrong with the dPad.

solid_warlord1869d ago

Stop being a bellend for Billion dollar companies..alot of us hate the directional buttons layout on the 360. Directional buttons should be like the Wii U and PS3. Apart from that, 360 has best controller ever made. Perfect for shooters, sports except fighting games.

Dread1869d ago

I hope to c ya in the commnents of nearly all sony fanboys writting M$ instead of MS.

Conzul1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

Oh I thought you meant the DS3 dPad, since what you were writing applies to both nextgen platform.

It's M$ who's on a perpetual moneygrab, by comparison to Sony who cares more about the gamers and the quality and quantity of its games.
The start of a new Gen is the chance for a company to redefine itself, though, so we'll see.

rhcpfan1869d ago


If you seriously think corporations "care" about people, then I'm sorry to say, but you are truly delusional.

Conzul1869d ago

Corporations are made up of people. And the people who people Sony are (by comparison to Micro$oft) more in touch with their loyals.

I'm not delusional, I'm realistic with a touch of optimistic.

BlmThug1869d ago

Wow conzul, you are delusioned if you think Sony isn't a perpetual moneygrab either. All companies are because the aim is to make as much money as possible. Sony is not exempt from this, especially considering their financial position now. Typical Fanboy blindess displayed on N4G where they think a certain company is their friend.

Lvl_up_gamer1869d ago

LMFAO how you say it's "Sony" not "$ony" meanwhile completely ignoring that he also said "M$" and not "MS".

True essence of blind loyalty.

MarkusMcNugen1869d ago


I disagree. I hate all the d-pads on newer controllers, save the Xbox controller with the adjustable d-pad. The problem with the original 360 controllers was the d-pad didn't roll and felt really stiff.

Playstation has always been bad for fighting games. The d-pad isn't connected in the middle which leaves a gap to move your thumb through to hit another direction. I don't want my thumb to be as hard as a rock... a small callus is fine with me.

The only controller with a great d-pad was the Dreamcast controller. It was a cross with all the directional buttons connected, and it rolled with your thumb when you wanted to hit another direction. It was the perfect controller for fighting games at least.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1869d ago

I highly doubt Halo 5 or Gears 4 will make the launch since Halo 4 just come out and Gears of War: Judgement hasn't even come out yet. The other I believe are possible to make launch.

hivycox1868d ago

wow....where do you live man ???

how expensive would such a console be ??? graphics like HD7970 ??? in a console ?! xD

LOL...I gotta pee...

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