Far Cry 3 Review [Capsule Computers]

Zac Elawar from Capsule Computers wrote :

Far Cry 3 takes us back to the jungle setting, only this time it’s to Rook Islands where an insane pirate named Vaas rules. Far Cry 3 adds a co-op mode – which is new to the franchise – to an already huge single-player and multiplayer experience. Taking advantage of a 2 month delay, the team at Ubisoft Montreal worked hard to provide as polished a game as they could. But, has Far Cry 3 improved upon it’s predecessors and delivered on it’s promise, or is it a far cry from perfect? Read on to find out.

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masterabbott1992d ago

Seems like its a great improvement from the other far cry's. Will probably pick this one up for sure.

Rupee1992d ago

It really IS as good as everyone's saying. For the most part they give you so many ways to approach enemies. I used sick time I didn't have to get a 3-day weekend. Try it out! I highly doubt you won't enjoy it.

masterabbott1992d ago

honestly it is !! go get it!

Chuk51992d ago

It's probably the most enjoyable sandbox this gen from a pure mechanics standpoint.

techrave1992d ago

I'll be playing this during the CHristmas break for sure.

RuperttheBear1992d ago

Best game I've played all year.

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