Joystiq: Complete Microsoft GDC keynote

"'Xbox Live Community Games' will give creators a huge audience to share their creativity with. Game distribution will be democritized, allowing the community to control the content. Create, Submit, Peer Review, Play are the four key steps." "We want creativity to flow through this pipeline," says Satchell. Oh, we get it.

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Antan3805d ago

Quite disappointed to be honest. I thought they would of at least mentioned a few other exclusives that we don`t know about. Of course Gears 2 and Fable 2 will be fantastic, but we already knew these were coming (yes we knew Gears2 would be announced). I know quite a few 360 fans were pinning their hopes on MS unveiling some new titles to tackle Sony this year, but i guess it wasn`t meant to be. Lets see what/if Sony and Nintendo bring to the table when their announcements get underway.

Dannagar3805d ago

I don't think there's ever enough info released. However, the official announcement of Gears of Wars 2 is nice. I'm sure their will be more great announcements for Xbox 360 owners in 2008. There's still E3.

wageslave3805d ago

Nonsense. Pure unadulterated nonsense.

They dont need anything "more" to tackle Sony. They've got that done very handily.

masterg3805d ago

I agree. Gears 2 is GREAT! but we knew it was coming.
I was kind off expecting MS to have something great to show. Something that would make us say the 360 is back in the game. Something that would stop the PS3 momentum.

I think Sony will blow this out of the water tomorrow with bigger announcements. To me it feels like MS is giving up.

Packet3805d ago

"Quite disappointed to be honest. I thought they would of at least mentioned a few other exclusives that we don`t know about."

Microsoft only has:

Turn 10
and the Peter Jackson Halo studio

for internal 360 targeted developers. That is tiny compared to Nintendo which has around 10 and Sony which has 20. There just aren't going to be significant numbers of big exclusive unknown games coming out for the 360.

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coxyefc3805d ago

there was nothing surprising was there? very "meh" to me. people in the industry hyping up the keynote and it doesnt deliver anything that really makes 360 owners perk up a bit with something they dont know? gears of war 2? ok so everyone knew that was coming, fable 2 aswell, where are these games they have said they have planned? if they are expecting people to be jumping for joy over XBLA games then they are very much mistaken, they are not what you buy a next gen console for, they are only a small bonus. disapointed really, was expecting much more, like a decent line up for 2008 of games that have previously been unannounced.

RIPHDDVD3805d ago

So umm, they showed what everyone expected to see, which is lame. Gears of War 2. Nothing special. No new IP's. Just Gears 2, which looks like Gears 1 with more action on-screen. Like that's something to brag about.

3805d ago
Greysturm3805d ago

Take the quality route and make sure all the games they make this year are awesome since if by the critical low amount of titles if one of them fail they leave a great patch of the year for sony to dominate by force of sheer numbers of eclusive games which by the law of probability some of them will outright impress.

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