The Good And Bad of Battlefield 3, One Year (Or So) Later

Kotaku - Last year, Swedish-based developers Digital Illusions CE set out to launch not just a game, but an experience—an ever-changing and evolving experiment, if you will—which would serve as a platform from which future Battlefield titles would stem.

More than a year after the release, after more than a year of patches, updates, rule-changes and several massive expansions, how has Battlefield 3 held up?

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Cam9772018d ago

Custom servers can still be bad, I hate getting kicked for killing the host! I remember climbing a tower, finding and killing a camper to be kicked - total BS!

Zha1tan2018d ago

The game still has latency issues that were present in beta.

i.e getting killed instantly, getting killed when behind solid cover.

Yet they spew out DLC.

yodawins2018d ago

are you kidding me? every multyplayer game has latency issues.

sovietsoldier2018d ago

this right here is what i hate besides normal glitches/ bugs.

KangarooSam2018d ago

Whoah whoah whoah whoah whoah, everyone slow the f*** down: no one's b*tched about it being a Kotaku article yet.

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