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Tomb Raider and the comparison with Uncharted

Daniel Bisson, game producer at Crystal Dynamics, thinks Tomb Raider is better than Uncharted because of the personal development Lara Croft is going through in the game. This is something he thinks Nathan Drake is missing. The transition of Lara changing from an archaeologist into an adventurer, is very personal. "The first kill is really an important moment for Lara", Bisson told us. (PC, PS3, Tomb Raider, Xbox 360)

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THC CELL  +   815d ago
bwhahaha what ever i am not going to even watch this interview. good luck with that cd

i think it will be near impossible to beat uncharted story line.. also take in mind it was uncharted that got u inspired to start tomb raider again, god the women who is so mega she cant even swim
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SonyNGP  +   815d ago
The storyline in Uncharted games weren't anything special. But the way they presented it were.
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Snookies12  +   815d ago
Yeah, the story was run of the mill pretty much, but the characters and presentation were so top notch, not to mention the locations... That's what made Uncharted special.
theBAWSE  +   815d ago
Yet every preview of the game that i have read states THEY HAVE COPIED UNCHARTEDS PLAY MECHANICS for this new tomb raider game

nothing to be ashamed of uncharted set the bar you copied...but don't now chat crap
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Army_of_Darkness  +   815d ago
I thought we had some Nathan drake development in uncharted 3?! you know, when he started as a little thief in his younger days....Maybe cause the whole game wasn't based on that time period is why he thinks otherwise?! I don't know..
MikeMyers  +   815d ago
This won't go well here on n4g. It could be better and it might not be. At least I'm open for the idea unlike some.
Jinkies  +   815d ago
I know right, Tomb Raider is basicaly copying Uncharted. Look at the plane scene when it's rolling down the moutain and Lara is sliding down in front of it....it's basicaly something you would see in Uncharted, that, OMG SHE/HE NEARLY DIED event.

The regenerating health is another thing ticking me off about this, seriously it's about survival...the one thing it's been bigged up about and the one element you would think would be a major thing from the old TR games, medkits, arn't even used...she could collect them, go into her bag, wrap her self up with banages or take painkillers etc. Then theres the "No swimming" thing....<sigh>

I hate it when people try and defend this though and go "Well Uncharted copied Tomb Raider" when it didn't. The platforming you see in Tomb Raider is how your suppose to realisticly climb something, if another game does that it's because it's the ONLY realistic way to do that, it's not like cartoon platforming games when you can add am extra jump button, a flying gizmo or you can glide. Climbing like Lara and Nate is what your supposed to do in games like this, the only similarity is that they are both treasure hunters....

The other thing I'm not really digging in the new voice actress, she's no Emily Rose or Nolan North is she. Her voice sounds off a little.
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Y_5150  +   815d ago
I agree with ya! Tomb Raider never played right to me. But I love Uncharted.

Uncharted>Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is just good now because of the character itself. Because she's an icon in gaming just like Sonic.
Jinkies  +   815d ago
I think thats why theres so many people sticking by Lara and try to defend the newer TR games (Legends/Underworld) despite how much they kind of sucked...because she's an icon and because the old TR games were amazing. It's the reason why you still get people sticking up for Resident Evil and Final Fantasy or how Zelda games always get high scores even if the newest game is a step back for the franchise...they can't let go of the past

Nostalgia at it's finest
KevPC  +   815d ago
Totally agree with you dude. The stories might be different but overall the way they present it, is exactly as Uncharted. The way she talks to herself, how she gets hurt all the time, is all the same. All the little things that made Uncharted an Uncharted game is copied by this game. They could of definitely have gone a different route instead of mimicking naughty dog's way of story telling.

I just wish they would admit that..instead of just saying, Uncharted also copied Tomb raider and our game is better cause its a little more open world and has a better story...
Imalwaysright  +   814d ago
WTF TR is copying Uncharted because of a plain sequence?

TR legend released well before Uncharted. Skip to the 3 min mark.


Then you start talking about regenerating heath as if ND Invented the concept.

The platforming in TR recent games and Uncharted was inspired by PoP.

Then below you deny that TR didnt inspired Uncharted even though the concept of both games is identical? Treasure hunting, shooting, platforming, swimming, solving puzzles... everything TR has Uncharted has, but Uncharted wasnt inspired by TR. You see a plain sequence and TR is suddendly copying Uncharted? Seriously are you high or something?

BTW fun fact: Amy Henning worked at Crystal Dynamics before joining ND.
Eyeco  +   814d ago
Your 100% right ,it is Nostalgia because realistically critically and commercially the quality of the franchise has dropped significantly since what the 3rd game and how long ago was that like 15 years ago,

The Tomb Raider franchise relevance in the industry has wained in the last decade or more ,allot has changed in the industry ,the legacy of the games can be attributed to the mid late 90's not to the last decade, the franchise has gone from selling 8-10 million units mostly on one platform to barely 1-2 million across 3-5 platforms whats does that tell you ?

People are making it sound like the franchise is still this big multi million selling, guaranteed AAA series like Legend Of Zelda or Metal Gear Solid.
Can you honestly blame people for comparing it unfavourably to Uncharted ?
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tehpees3  +   815d ago
And Tomb Raider's older games inspired Uncharted.
Jinkies  +   815d ago
No...they didn't

Indiana Jones and other films were the main inspiration to Uncharted.

NaughtyDog had already done platforming with Crash and Jak, the only reason it looks like it inspired Uncharted is because they made Uncharted realistic compared to their past games. As I've said above there is NO OTHER WAY to do climbing/platforming in games like this so of course they are going to look similar but the point is Uncharted would of still exsisted without Tomb Raider.
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MysticStrummer  +   814d ago
Tomb Raider's older games are almost nothing like Uncharted. I wanted this one to return to that old style, but it's clearly not.
dedicatedtogamers  +   815d ago
Why would "personal development" make one game better than the other? If the gameplay is worse, then the game is worse, plain and simple.
Irishguy95  +   815d ago
Don't be a fanbot

Tomb Raider has the potential to surpass Uncharted, Uncharted's plot is the one area it is actually lacking in. I doubt Tomb Raider will surpass it in some areas but the plot could easily get by it. Then there is the gameplay, which is a copy of Uncharted so....

Also, I find it funny that people can say "Bahaha as if" etc. Uncharted is not the greatest game ever, I don't see why it's so laughable that something can surpass it.
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MysticStrummer  +   814d ago
This guy's quote is laughable for a couple of reasons. First, it's funny because Uncharted was called a Tomb Raider clone in the beginning, when it's only like Tomb Raider in a very superficial way in that they are both games about treasure hunting adventurers. Now, Tomb Raider is clearly trying to be like Uncharted. Secondly, what is this guy gonna say...? "Well, we tried but our game just doesn't measure up to Uncharted... : ( "? Personally, though I love Uncharted, as an overall game I prefer the old Tomb Raider style which has been missing for a long time in that series. I was hoping this new one would return to that style, but the more I see about it the less it looks like Tomb Raider.
SheenuTheLegend  +   814d ago
You say one more word against uncharted. i bet the drones will be launched to kill you.
You will never see that coming.
i m a fan of uncharted and i m proud to be.
Welshy  +   814d ago
I seriously want this game less and less the more footage that comes out.

When i heard stuff like "survival", "personal", "emotional" etc describing the game i couldn't wait to see it, but even in this interview he talks about "emotional experiences" while Lara runs across an exploding bridge and struggle against the current, standing on a moving a moving train while being shot at by a chopper etc in the footage playing in the background.

They pretty much abandoned the dark, tight knit, personal side of this game and put Lara into the Nathan Drake/Uncharted template.

Sure, Uncharted has been a massive highlight this gen that i'll play for years to come, but i was interested in Tomb Raider to get AWAY from that and experience the flip side of a Nathan Drake-esque scenarion.

God dammit CD, i want to like your game so much and enjoy Lara once more, but your throwing out all the stuff that made this reboot interesting!
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Awesome_Gamer  +   814d ago
Fact: Uncharted > Tomb Raider

Uncharted is ten times the series Tomb Raider ever will be, people only have high hopes for this game because Lara is a gaming icon now, but it will be medicore just like the the last two, stop defending franchises that lost it's way like Resident Evil, Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider. Jesus, Nostalgia at it's finest. :/
CaptainPunch  +   815d ago
I got a chance to play the new Tomb Raider, it's a great game from what I've played so far. But I have to say Uncharted is better. Also "Better than" is a pretty bold statement. You better back it up when the game comes out.
NastyLeftHook0  +   815d ago
Uncharted is better
AngelicIceDiamond  +   815d ago
Really? How is the new Tomb Raider Btw. I haven't gotten the chance to play it yet...
Sketchy_Galore  +   815d ago
I felt like this game could go either way but from the hands on previews I've read so far I expect it to be especially disappointing. I was reminded of the previews for the first Assassin's creed in which you could feel the writer trying to give it the benefit of the doubt because its a game they were looking forward to but trying to come to terms with the fact that it just wasn't enjoyable. Unless something major has changed since the previews I've read or changes before release I'm expecting quite poor reviews.
chukamachine  +   815d ago
I love the original tombraider games.

I love the uncharte games, and tbh, they are nothing alike.

Obviously I haven't played the latest, but I hope it has it's own thing going on.
majiebeast  +   815d ago
Smart move calling out 1 of the biggest franchises of this generation. Atleast Drake can swim what adventurere doesnt know how to swim? Thats like if the pitfall guy didnt know how to jump over pitts.
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ziggurcat  +   815d ago

i'm sure the game is really good, and i know i'm pretty interested in getting it, but... i doubt it's better than uncharted.
TheBatman_Fanatic  +   815d ago
Of course he thinks that lol
Uncharted hater here disagreeing with everything pro Uncharted lol
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supraking951  +   815d ago
tbh i loved the voice acting and script of Uncharted. All the characters, Drake, Elena, Sully, Chloe, Cutter and the villians were incredibly voiced.
Tomb Raider on the other hand, I've seen 2 or 3 trailers and I cant stand Lara Crofts voice LOL. Lil girl crying and moaning in the middle of the jungle while she kills men just hasnt sold me yet. She sounds annoying and I dont see Lara and her crew having any chemistry like the Uncharted gang
ghostrider32  +   815d ago
Indiana Jones>>>>>> both
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Kur0  +   815d ago
crystal skull...
one2thr  +   815d ago
Magnetic alien crystal skull...
MysticStrummer  +   814d ago
As bad as Crystal Skull was, I hated Temple of Doom a little more. Raiders and Last Crusade were both great though.
rpd123  +   814d ago
Crystal Skull wasn't even bad. People complain about aliens at the end. So what? It's hard to accept aliens but not an ark that melts peoples faces off or a cup that grants immortality? Almost everything about Temple of Doom was unbelievable bullshit but nobody has a problem with it. Temple of Doom was definitely worse than Crystal Skull.
AsheXII  +   815d ago
I think it looks better, it has exploration and more versatility. But because its more ambitious it also has more room for failure, so lets wait and see.
supraking951  +   815d ago
its all bad press. I bet theres hardly exploration and if there is its mostly all back tracking. I was excited for the survival aspect of TR but that got shot down with regen health. Looks like we dont need to explore and kill animals like the first trailers implied
Dlacy13g  +   815d ago
I like what I have seen so far of Tomb Raider... will it be better than Uncharted? Who knows....What I have seen so far feels on par with Uncharted quality in many aspects...but again, at this point its impossible for us to say.

We need to take the full game into account before we can make a determination. Uncharted did many things...and did almost all exceptionally well so that means Tomb Raider has to not only be on par with story or voice acting but diretion, gameplay, graphics and sound. There are lots of places where a game can fall short of what Uncharted has done.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   815d ago
To be fair Uncharted focuses on a character who knows how to fight, survive and get himself out of crazy situations you take a role of an already experienced character. Where as Laura is what some would say is a "green" character fresh faced, inexperienced and has some major growing to do in the game. You're experiencing a normal character who's life gets flipped upside down which puts you (the player) in a instant survival mode.

The best way to describe UE and TR are to similar games that offer 2 very different experiences.

You can't say which one will offer the better game Or which one would offer the better 3rd person experience.
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BXbomber  +   815d ago
uncharted all the way tomb raider can go and f**k herself
Godmars290  +   815d ago
After learning from Uncharted, you would hope that the new Tomb Raider was better. Though I'm still expecting something more akin to torture porn than treasure hunting.
PhoenixRising37  +   815d ago
Tomb Raider not out yet.
th3n00bg4m3r  +   815d ago
I highly doubt it, but we will see.
Nada Nuff  +   815d ago
The game producer at Crystal Dynamics thinks Tomb Raider is better than Uncharted? [INSERT COMICALLY SHOCKED FACE HERE]

I loved all 3 Uncharted games and plan on getting Tomb Raider. Doesn't need to be a "better".
Orionsangel  +   815d ago
Well I beat all three Uncharted games and Tomb Raider games and I'll say this...Uncharted games are awesome, but I do have a problem with their linear game play. The Uncharted games are made up of set pieces. It works, but I really love to explore in a game and being put on a linear path. Limits how much I can explore in the game.

They're saying this New Tomb Raider is more open world. I can explore more. Right there I'm already liking it better than the Uncharted games. Also the bow and arrow. It's my favorite weapon in any game (Except in ACIII because it had no free aiming) from Skyrim's bow and arrow to the torque bow in Gears. It's addicting! but anyway, let's wait and see.
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medman  +   815d ago
Tomb Raider is definitely on my radar for early 2013 but it is going to have to be one tremendous experience to topple Uncharted 2, or even Uncharted 3 for that matter. I'm hopeful, but I don't expect it to reach that level even though it is a more open world experience.
dboyc310  +   814d ago
I highly doubt it will come near the quality Uncharted 2 has. Who knows though it might be better than Uncharted 3 since it didn't really surpass or met my expectations when compared to Uncharted 2. But what makes The Uncharted series as a whole special is just the way everything comes together so well. The voice acting, mocap, soundtrack and character chemistry all are top notch and honestly I rarely see any game that are able to pull it off fluently.
bauer007  +   815d ago
Its simple: Nothing can beat Uncharted!
Imalwaysright  +   814d ago
In my opinion FC3 just did it.
SOULJER  +   814d ago
The only way for lara story to come even close to uncharted, is for her to be dressing , and have some crazy ugly busted looking dude to try to attack her. OH NO WAIT. You sick dumb a$$es already tried something like that.
Pathosverdes3  +   814d ago
"TR is better than Uncharted" .. Of course he said that, he would be instantly fired if he said anything else.
Th3 Chr0nic  +   814d ago
lol tomb raider has been around for 10+ years, or have people forgotten that? they never stopped making TR games they just got watered down after the first 2. i remember being like 14 playing TR 1 and loving it!!! where were all the people claiming uncharted copied TR when it came out?

oh wait i forgot none of you were older than 5 when TR first hit the scene, and now you think uncharted was the first game to ever copy INDIANA JONES!!!!
dboyc310  +   814d ago
The essence of both games are similar but honestly a person that has played both should know that they play a lot different. Game Play, platforming and basically everything. The only similarity is Nathan and lara always are out to find this special artifact but that's where the similarities end. I have never seen bust any acrobatic moves like lara did in gun fight.
spektical  +   814d ago
the game looks great, i dont mind an uncharted copy.. i love the action packed thrill. Tomb Raider definitely needs to establish its identity and an ability to distinguish itself form uncharted, otherwise the majority of the crowd will dismiss it as a clone, and sales wont be there, regardless of critical acclaim, if any.
Bolts  +   814d ago
Uncharted was the next Tomb Raider and now Tomb Raider is the next Uncharted.

That's the gaming industry for ya. Don't get your fanboy panties in a bunch. I'll be enjoying this game when the time comes. The Uncharted franchise is getting rather stale anyways now that Drake is a treasure hunting, mercs slaughtering demi god, it's good to play someone who appears to be more vulnerable.
Crotin  +   814d ago
Remember when screens of Uncharted 1 first came out and everyone immediately said Drake was the male Lara Croft and already dismissed the game? Good times.
mt  +   814d ago
dude I am from the lower floor in N4G building and I just said the same thing you said.
mt  +   814d ago
it is ironic how the first Uncharted got called as tomb Raider Rip-off, now it is like the other way around.
Zodiac  +   814d ago
Tomb Raider is better in my opinion, but i love Uncharted.

I just hope the fun in this game goes all the way to end. Every Uncharted game starts getting a bit frustrating at the last 2 hours for me(not so much in Uncharted 2. I was too busy being pissed at the somewhat immortal blue dudes to care) I end up rushing through just to finish for he sake of finishing it. I have no idea why that is, but it is what it is.

I hope the entertainment value keeps momentum in the title.
Tontus  +   814d ago
Uncharted fans make me sick, they're so ignorant, hateful and bias. I hate the Uncharted franchise, it's weak. The only decent game in the series is Uncharted 2 and even that isn't special, had it been released any other year nobody would have made a fuss about it, 2009 was a crap year and UC2 was the toilet paper above a pile of turds.

Even Sony have realised Uncharted is nothing special which is why it's become Sony's most bundled franchise ever because they're desperate for it to become their much needed big franchise in the 3rd person shooter genre, it's not and hopefully another developer will do a better job.

The new Tomb Raider looks like it going to be a great game and I'm definitely going to buy it. It'll 100% have better gameplay than Uncharted which is a given considering how much UC lacks in that regard and it'll probably have a much better story too since every Uncharted game has a TERRIBLE story, they're presented well though.
ILive  +   814d ago
Now, don't be a sour puss.
Sketchy_Galore  +   814d ago
"Uncharted fans make me sick, they're so ignorant, hateful and bias. I hate the Uncharted franchise, it's weak."

...'Yeah, I remember grindin' my feet on Eddie's couch'.
stage88  +   814d ago
Translation of @Tontus:

"Uncharted is the best thing since sliced bread. The story telling, gameplay, action, and multiplayer makes this series one of the greatest this generation. I'm just going to bad mouth everything about it because on the internet I can look like a bad-ass. I hope mommy buys Tomb Raider for me, who am I kidding, of course she will because she buys me everything. Got to go guys, I'm buying a new pair of hipster glasses at the mall! Ciao"
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