Fable 2 Details – XBLA Game Coming, Co-op at Any Time

An XBLA game that's a cross between Roulette and Crappes can be played to earn money for Fable 2, then transferred over to the game. Co-op anywhere, at any time, also confirmed.

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Greysturm3678d ago

Complete some of his original thoughts for Fable, my only concern is the focus on the storyline regardless of the freedom and sandbox an action rpg needs a well developed storyline something that was one of the minuses around the first title i hope for the best as if he delivers this time gamers win if he doesnt noone wins except fanboys.

mintaro3678d ago

anytime 2 player co-op? wow, cant wait.

anyone know when it gets released?

kewlkat0073678d ago

but I do not think anybody has to worry about this game.

If Peter/studio took the time and seen some of the little flaws about the first game and perfected them, I think we will get a great game.

They have a healthy forum over there at the Studio so many users gripes and such , I'm sure will be heard this time around.

I felt the first Fable was not complete. It had some great concepts and such but just didn't feel complete.

Eamon3678d ago

Just when it looked like the PS3 had the best Line up of games in 2008 we learn about all this 360 stuff.


3678d ago
numba1baller3678d ago

is cool that u can kill the others person family, it will be pretty funny doing this, they will get super pissed of good thing i own a 360

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