Project Versus J teaser site open

Today, Namco Bandai opened the official website for Project Versus J.

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ritsuka6661962d ago

OMGF confirmed for 3DS!!!!!GOD YES!! Day 1 purchase for me! Anyway,they should have characters from all of their series like they did with the other shonen jump games in nintendo DS..

Godchild10201961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Where do you see it confirmed for any console? The article doesn't mention any real information, nor does the site, other than a date.

@Majiebeast, I thought as much, when I couldn't find any console logos on the site.

majiebeast1961d ago

He saw the tags and didnt read the article at all.

ronin4life1961d ago

Damn, got me all excited...-_-

Lol. ^ͺ^

Nexgensensation1961d ago

I wonder what this game is all about

ginsunuva1961d ago

Street Fighter x Dragonball?

Well SSF4 just got released on ps+ this week,... so...

hkgamer1961d ago

whats the point releasing a teaser site when they already revealed the game already?

BlackWolf1959d ago

Sweeeet Jesus!!!! YES!!!!!!!