GDC: Co-op and XBLA game Keystone confirmed for Fable 2

VideoGaming 24/7: Lionhead's Peter Molyneux has shown off co-op play in Fable 2 for the first time during Microsoft's keynote at GDC, and has announced an XBLA game called Keystone, in which players will be able to amass money then transfer funds into the Fable 2 "world".

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Tut3743d ago

Again, I cannot wait for this game and now that co-op is an option I am even more excited... a little... but still more. My best bud and I both enjoyed the original and we will definitely be grabbing this as soon as we can. If you haven't seen the screen shots article go check it out.

That "Keystone" game seems pretty neat... a little sub-game to pass some time. Not really for me but I doubt it will be available on the PC as well since it is for XBLA.