Far Cry 3 Review (Invision Game Communiuty)

Far Cry 3 is the story of Jason, a thrill-seeking rich kid kidnapped by twisted pirate warlord Vaas and plunged into an island conflict with nothing less than the lives of his friends and his own sanity at stake.

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zinger_AU1990d ago

only true 5 star game of 2012? halo 4...?

finite1990d ago

Halo 4 is good but its not as good as Far Cry 3 and its limited to one system.

aviator1891990d ago

exclusivity really shouldn't matter...

if a game's good, it's good.

Rupee1990d ago

Agreed. Uncharted is a great game. I don't value it any less because it's exclusive. I could care less your review score for halo 4 but I think it's wrong to knock it for being exclusive.

Zha1tan1990d ago

Poor choice of words tbh.

Halo 4 has you playing down linear paths, far cry 3 is open ended and gives you far more gameplay choices.

That is why i would say it is better.

finite1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

well our reviews are written by students and the artists opinion is their opinion.. so what I and you say is correct to us.