Microsoft's GDC Keynote Reveals Xbox 360/Xbox LIVE stats

Microsoft's GDC'08 keynote has just been wrapped up, during which a number of Xbox 360-related statistics were revealed again, like it's become customary during these kinds of events.

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DarkSniper3714d ago

Statistics do not mean anything to Dark Sniper unless they are not from NPD or any official worldwide reports. Microsoft seems to be reluctant to state that 2007 was a decrease from their 2006 figures. Even more importantly the fact that their platform had a mudhole stomped in them by PLAYSTATION® 3.

But all is good to you Microslaves as long as you have your everloving attach rate figures right?


InYourMom3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

LOL, wow if you mean by releasing lackluster games and still waiting for all the "good stuff" then yeah they really did. (Uncharted was great!) The only muddhole that was stomped is the Blu-ray to HD-DVD.

I don't even know why I bother, it is obvious you are a robot and not a real person.


Meus Renaissance3714d ago

I wonder what the numbers will be across all platforms this time next year. Predictions anyone?

wageslave3714d ago

Im sure we can guess your prediction...

InMyOpinion3714d ago

Why always look ahead in time? I guess you aren't pleased with these numbers?

bym051d3714d ago

So no big announcements? That sucks.


I guess you missed it.


NINJA GAIDEN 2 = Supports In game Video Theater

FABLE 2 = Co-op & Live Anywhere

Gears 2 in 2008 is big enough by itself !!!

masterg3714d ago


That is what we can "Small" announcements.
We knew Gears was coming, and the other things are hardly BIG.

i Shank u3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

most were small, ill agree on that. but ive read so many opinions on this site saying that it was NOT coming in 08 ...thats a big announcement and was a surpise its coming in 08, least imo it is.

bym051d3714d ago

Thanks masterg. Those were all things we'd heard about.

I was hoping for an unknown game or a new console or something unexpected.

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Teabag Sony3714d ago

dark sniper is no man, he is a WO-man. why even comment on this stuff if it means nothing to you, girl.

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