Insomniac Rock Out: Resistance 2 Easter Eggs, July 2008?


"Wouldn't you like to work at Insomniac Games? Their own Jack Black sings about working for the studio and why you should apply. Even though you might be distracted by the hilarious singing from the whole studio, there are some Resistance 2 Easter Eggs…"

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gamesblow3833d ago

Ted Price is easily the coolest boss in the world... That guy is just awesome.

SIX3833d ago

I wish he would adopt me.

ravinash3832d ago

Its a wonder that they get any work done in that place.

sonarus3833d ago

lol they better not be f'in around with those tid bits. Maybe we'll see a beta in july of 08 i doubt it will be a demo cus it will be too far from release.

NeoBasch3833d ago

Hey, deep. Been a while. You play Resistance? You should join GAF clan.

So, anyways...

OH MY GOD! Twelve new enemy types? On top of awesome-shmosome redesigns of the originals? I'm foaming at the mouth. So 0708. Does it really mean July? A bigger reveal? Hmmm... Maybe it means something else. I can't wait.

DrPirate3833d ago

Oh damn, Basch from Neogaf, awesome posts man.

Yeah, this post was random, but I lurk there a whole lot :\

techie3832d ago

Hey Basch. Yeah i used to play it a lot. But I got Warhawk and now I'm struggling to go back to Resistance. Don't really feel like it until the sequel :/ Plus I rock at Warhawk, but not so much Resistance.

Sevir043832d ago

which mean while it's bad news Sony plans on storming The show with Big games. KZ2 and resistance will be the games to counter act MS's Showing of Gears of War 2... ^^ it's gonna be an Awesome E3. i just hope they show Some 8-days and getaway 3 stuff, at this years Gamer Day it's been 2 years since we saw both of those games.. it's freaking time to show it already

Storm233833d ago

12 new enemies is sick! I do wonder what that date means? I thought it might be the date of E3 but E3 is the week after. I wonder what it is?

SIX3833d ago

That's how you drop some big news.

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The story is too old to be commented.