Job Adverts Suggest Bend Are Working On Another Uncharted For Vita

TSA: "Did you like Uncharted: Golden Abyss? Well, it looks like developers Bend are working on another, if information taken from three separate job adverts posted today can be extrapolated to fit. Of course, they could be working on absolutely anything, but considering past experience, a gap in the market for another title and – well – the descriptions, it’s likely that this is for another Uncharted."

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GreenRanger1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Awesome, if true.
Hopefully they don't overuse the front and back touch screens, like they did on the first one.
The first thing i did on U:GA was turn off the gyroscope controls.
And who the hell ever used the "paint a path" feature? Not a lot of you, i bet.

FriedGoat1991d ago

yeah! And get rid of the balancing from Uncharted 1.
But other than that, I loved U:GA, second best in the series in my eyes.

I look forward to this.

Akuma-1991d ago

buying this day one. uncharted golden abyss was a launch title and it looks better than all wii u launch titles. i believe that if they make another uncharted title for the vita that itll be better and comparable to uncharted 2 with multiplayer. i cant wait to see what they are working on

Sanquine901991d ago

I Prefer another syphon filter game. :D Uncharted is awesome but i prefer something else now ( Already played 4 uncharted's and love to see something diffirent) Furhtermore, what about a new medievil?:D that would be awesome

himdeel1991d ago

I believe a Syphon Filter game would fail. I just think the nostalgia for folks who liked the game is greater than the desire for people to have another Syphon Filter.

Sanquine901990d ago

Yeah, maybe it is nostalgia...

sinncross1991d ago

oh nice... but... where is syphon filter...

Swiftcricket1991d ago

I actually use that feature, it helps relieve some of the monotony of climbing around everywhere. I thought it was kinda fun in the first game but after already doing it 3 times now the climbing around is getting a bit stale. I agree that overall they did seem to overdo the touch controls a little bit but it's understandable. They were just trying to show off what the Vita can do. Hopefully they'll scale it down a bit next time.

bicfitness1991d ago

Take out most of the rubbing puzzles. Too much touch motion garbage ruined the experience for me. All I wanted was UC on the Vita. Not UC+ a gameloft iOS game on the Vita. I also found the villain both uninteresting and unsatisfying after Katherine Marlowe.

CaptCalvin1991d ago

I used it as well. The "platforming" in the game is basically just mashing x anyway. Either that or I swipe my finger on screen and pay my attention to other more worthwhile things.

Skate-AK1990d ago

The paint a path didn't bother me. I used it most the game when I was working on the Plat. The only thing I didn't like were the touchscreen boss fights.

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Tidybrutes1991d ago

Golden Abyss, yes it had a few niggles, a few boring touchscreen puzzles etc but overall I really enjoyed that game.

Ive been hoping bend are working on a sequel for a while, hopefully will again set the bar even higher for vita games.

MGRogue20171991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Hoping this is true :) I can't wait to see what graphical & gameplay improvements they bring in the sequel. Take advantage of even more untapped power of the beast of a handheld that is the Vita.

It may even be as much of a leap in graphics as Uncharted 1 to Uncharted 2 or 3 on PS3 :P

TimeSkipLuffy1991d ago

the back touch screen is what I hate most on my Vita...
I hope for an Uncharted without all the extra controls. Just plain buttons for me.

Instead of the back touchscreen they could have made the hardware more powerful -.-

SAE1991d ago

Its great but why naughty dog aint making their own game for vita ?.. It annoys me because they are not intrested and think of it as a waste of time ...

Tidybrutes1991d ago

Id imagine that one team at Naughty Dog is busy finishing up the Last of us, but the Uncharted 3 team, who knows what they're working on, could be a vita project but id more likely imagine its a next gen title, but that pure speculation on my part.

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