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Naughty Dog Comments on The Last of Us Multiplayer Doubts

Those fans who doubt The Last of Us multiplayer, here's why you should have faith in Naughty Dog. (PS3, The Last Of Us)

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Akuma-  +   746d ago
i hope there is a multiplayer portion of this game. its naughty dog so i believe theyll only deliver a quality product all around
MariaHelFutura  +   746d ago
The only MP I would want is co-op.
b163o1  +   746d ago
Agreed MP is getting Ridiculous, you'll find it on EVERY GAME on there now days. SingleP is all I want. Co-op, would be the only way they could do it IMO...
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Jinkies  +   746d ago
They should of just thrown in a few online co-op missions online to see if it works for a sequel.
Septic  +   746d ago

Anything else would really be tacked on in my opinion. It just reeks of Mass Effect 3 and its MP- satisfactory at best.

ND haven't really reassured us in any of their responses that the MP portion of the game is necessary. They've been on the defensive stating that separate teams are working on the single palyer and MP portions of the game but haven't gone on to say anything that reinforces confidence in the MP.

Still, I'll wait and see. From whatever little we have seen of the Single Player, nothing suggests that any shortcuts have been taken.
Crazyglues  +   746d ago
@ MariaHelFutura

Co-op on this would be so sick.. I mean there is a ton of ways to do it, but this games screams for an epic Co-op..

Man they could really do something amazing here.. I hope the multi-player is really good and not just thrown on as an afterthought..

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Riderz1337  +   746d ago
To ruin the survival aspect of the game? Like what's happening with Dead Space 3? Oh yea I would like that. /s
ABizzel1  +   746d ago
"Multiplayer? Are you kidding me…this is a joke. I am seriously considering not buying this now. I absolutely hate tacked-on mp garbage especially in such a SP orientated game like this."

My response as Naughty Dog: Then B!t@h don't play it. It's not like we're making you play the multiplayer to unlock the single player campaign. These new gen gamers. UGH!
guitarded77  +   746d ago
Perfect game for co-op, but Naughty Dog has proven they can make compelling competitive multi-player without harming the single player campaign with Uncharted. But I won't be buying this game for the MP, I'm buying it for the SP.
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jut420  +   746d ago
I was actually thinking about this earlier today. I was thinking a Day-Z type MP could be pretty cool with infected AI and people can choose to play co-op or competitively. Also, you should have to start over with nothing when you die, maybe a knife.
ABizzel1  +   745d ago
THe best form of multiplayer I can see is having survivors as scavengers, and fighting against one another for supplies, but at the same time have infected running around, keeping everyone on their toes at all times.

Up to 8 survivors (free for all, 4 v 4, or 2 v 2 v 2 v 2), with random hordes of infected roaming the map.

Not only will it work as competitive multiplayer, it would also work as co-op (but 4 players instead of 8), and more story focused than multiplayer like they do with Uncharted.
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dboyc310  +   746d ago
Think they will pull it off just like they did with Uncharted 2. Remember this is the team that handled Uncharted 2 and not Uncharted 3 which really gives me no doubt that they'll deliver. Reading the article I honestly don't see how ND has the patients to address the people that are trying to change their vision. I would have easily just stated them to go screw themselves. They have Uncharted 2 as an example. The campaign is one of the best this Gen and the quality wasn't downgraded because of the multiplayer. Even the multiplayer was fun to play. Uncharted 3 though is a different story. But the master minds of Uncharted 2 are the ones behind TLoU so I'm not really worried.
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DazeLokrotan  +   746d ago
wait, UC2 and UC3 had different people working on it? if this is the case then indeed, TLOU's SP will not be affected by the MP.
dboyc310  +   746d ago
Well it's the same team but a while back Naughty dog said that after Uncharted 2 the studio split into two where one would work on Uncharted 3 and the other one will get started in The Last of Us. The creative minds behind Uncharted 2 were the ones that started on the last of us.

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Sevir  +   746d ago
I'm still scratching my head as to why people keep treating uncharted 3 as if its some red headed
step child! Seriously it needs to stop! the dna, story telling and writing of the Uncharted franchise is shared by all members of the 2 teams. If Their "B" team crafted U3 and that game topped all the great moments in Uncharted 2 i fail to see why people keep referencing uncharted 3 like its crap. LOl

Its a Naughty Dog Game and quite frankly I could care less which team is handling the last of us, Its all the same people from across the 3 games because i'm sure there were people on from 2 that worked on 3. None the less I never touched the multiplayer portion of any of the last 2 Uncharted games on PS3 and i likely wont pay any kind of attention to the multiplayer for The Last of Us!

They are kings of their craft, if you enjoyed any of the Uncharted on PS3, then you'll know why you are excited about TLOU, not just because Uncharted 2 was spectacular but because the franchise and the talent behind the game is virtually The best in this Industry
joab777  +   745d ago
I agree. Just replayed U3. Its unbelievable, especially compared to recent games. The co op is brilliant and the multiplayer is really good too. They didnt slack anywhere...at all. Maybe they didnt push forward with the sp as much...but maybe the tech isnt there yet. I thought the mp was very well done. Its just so hard to crack the mp market...almost impossible.
Awesome_Gamer  +   745d ago
"TLOU has been in preproduction and production for quite some time – the SP portion of the game hasn’t been skimped out on in any way."

Thank God. I don't give a crap about the multiplayer, I'm happy to hear the SP wasn't effected, good.
Jinkies  +   746d ago
People might of been skeptical of Uncharted 2s but multiplayer fitted that type of game, The Last of Us however dosent look like the sort to have it.

Im glad for once people are speaking out about this instead of saying nothing. No offense to ND but like any other developer of course theyll defend the multiplayer decision

In my opinion they went overboard on Uncharted 3s multiplayer, too big and cod like and they could of spent time on the lack of character development in the single player. Uncharted 2 was good because it was small, fun and simple
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redDevil87  +   746d ago
They spoke about it in June, not many people knew about it though.


I don't think they'll COD-ify it. They're trying to make something different, something people aren't used to.

Also for people, there is no co-op for the main campaign.
Ducky  +   746d ago
Yet the pre-order includes experience points, an attack booster, and in-game currency.
Not exactly the most reassuring thing to see.
BrianC6234  +   746d ago
If you don't want multiplayer don't play it. I don't play it on the Uncharted games. I don't see why it's a big deal if they include it though. They aren't skimping on the single player part of the game to make it. And multiplayer doesn't make the game cost more.
isarai  +   746d ago
yes they are actually, in the case of U2 they did state that they waited till the SP was essentially done till they even started on the MP. but in U3 you could clearly see that wasn't the case anymore with both MP and SP experiences feeling rather unfinished/undeveloped especially when compared to the previous 2. to make MP the team needs to split up, as do efforts, so when MP is included there isn't as many minds at work on SP making it very likely to suffer. MP isn't just something you "do" it takes just as much work, time, effort, manpower, budget, and even more maintenance as SP
Jinkies  +   746d ago
"They aren't skimping on the single player part of the game to make it."

Yeah and look what happened with Uncharted 3...

Don't use the whole "Don't play it" excuse because at the end of the day it's still there.

The game dosen't need it, end of

It worked in Uncharted 2 because the game was finished, they thought what the hell lets try it, they threw it in there and it was amazing. Uncharted 3 however shows you what happens despite having other teams working on it, you do realise your spilting the single player team to work on multiplayer so it's still effecting the single player in the end.

I love ND but sometimes with your favorite developer you got to stop, think and say "What the fudge".

Honestly I would love it if for Uncharted 4 they just thew Uncharted 2s multiplayer in there, tweak the broken stuff thanks to the 1.5 update and then add the customization features. Oh and instead of weapon mods replace it with weapon customization so you can change the look but not the stats. Then everything will be balanced and fun again

@Riderz1337 Below

Mate don't just think because it's ND nothing can go wrong. If you told your past self that Capcom were going to go bad, Square Enix or Bioware you would of been slapped by your past self. If you don't keep a clear mind and let the companies rep get in the way of right/wrong decisions then they'll think they can do anything they want.

Oh and as I said above it DID effect Uncharted 3s multiplayer.
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Sevir  +   746d ago
Jinkies? LOL you are killing me
Uncharted: Drake fortune never had any multiplayer at all and it scored the lowest for its campaign and over all package. Yet and still Somehow you use U3 as if it was some terrible unfinished unpolished slop that ND served its fans hot off the heels of U2 success! sorry to break it to you but that isn't the case. The multiplayer code was well established after they wrapped up things on uncharted 2 so it was necessary for them to have a team work on building it up from the onstart of development of 3 verses started the process after the story was complete, and to be quite honest Uncharted 3's story was just as strong as Uncharted 2 and in some areas even more convincing and complete than U2 ever could be! You just arent making any sense

and for the record, You DO have the option to you know, NOT play the Multiplayer portion of the game, because guess what, of the 5+ million that purchased uncharted 2/3 only 16-17k people played the multiplayer portion of it, and thats largely because the uncharted community views this series as a single player game with great story and gripping characters, ND isn't forcing you to play the MP to unlock the SP campaign. So drop the crying and just relax, This is Naughty Dog, and this Gen, they haven't released a disappointing product in any way!
dboyc310  +   746d ago
I honestly do see the last of us with multiplayer. Yea nothing like the common one with team death match and all that but I truly see more of a survival aspect to it. It's important to know that both games were handled by different parts of the team. When Uncharted 2 the main people behind it started to work on TLoU and the others on Uncharted 3. Ignore uncharted 3 and just look at how good the multiplayer and the story turned out well in Among Thieves.
Riderz1337  +   746d ago
You played the multiplayer? How was it? -.-, last I checked the multiplayer didn't effect the single player component of the game for Uncharted 2 or 3.
Uncharted 2 - 96 meta
Uncharted 3 - 92
Uncharted 1 was the lowest scoring of the 3 and the only one that didn't have multiplayer. This is Naughty Dog people come on.
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th3n00bg4m3r  +   746d ago
But, they can make the multi-player unique. For example; Let's say it is Free-for-all. You start off with low ammo. There is no health regeneration. You have to scavenge ammo and health supplies, they should be located in certain places. After you kill an enemy, you get to search the enemy and take all the ammo and health supplies he got. And, as we saw in the E3 demo, you should be able to create creative weapons by sacrificing what you have; like if you have a bottle and a bandage, you can turn them into a molotov cocktail, or use the bandage as a health supply and the bottle to destruct an enemy. The infected should come at you in the middle of the match, to make it much more intense. And there should be a cut-scene each time you start off a match and end a match to make it cinematic.
JohnApocalypse  +   746d ago
I don't have problem wit this since this is a New-IP, not a sequel to a singleplayer game that added multiplayer (Dead Space 2)
MattyG  +   746d ago
I just hope the multiplayer is unique. Like maybe you spawn with only a few bullets and it's more about scavenging than just straight up destroying people. Big wide open maps with an emphasis on survival would be awesome.
sandman224  +   746d ago
I'm sorry but multiplayer is a must for most games. I would love to play a multiplayer version of TLOU. All they need to do Is slow down the controls and make it easier for noobs to get kills and it will do extremely well. And if you don't agree with me feel free to argue your point. Because I will give you a piece of my mind.
Riderz1337  +   746d ago
"...make it easier for noobs to get kills..."
MattyG  +   746d ago
Why would you say they should slow down the controls? Have you played it? And why should they make it easier for "noobs"? I feel like you're either being sarcastic, trolling, or both...
smashcrashbash  +   746d ago
Please. Most people had doubts about Uncharted 2's MP and it was the best MP I have played in a long time.This is
Naughty Dog we are talking about people not just some big soulless developer who staples MP to everything to prolong the game. Your doubts are unfounded and unnecessary. Even if it isn't revolutionary I am sure it will at least be engaging.
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Zha1tan  +   746d ago
Development time better spent on putting more into the single player as its the worthwhile portion of their games.

The multiplayers are usually pretty bad.
DigitalRaptor  +   746d ago
Co-op would be PERFECT, and that is what I'm most excited about.

I'm pretty sure there's gonna be a Last Man Standing mode, or Joel Vs. Scavengers mode. Excited for that. But I'm curious if they're gonna do anything with Deathmatch. I don't think they're gonna take a guns blazing approach if they do. Should be interesting at least.

Like others have mentioned, I hope it's unique and matches the pace of the campaign. This is the Uncharted 2 team though, and they delivered a great MP and SP, so I'm just not worried at all.
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bloodybutcher  +   746d ago
i wonder if the idea of certain amount of people in a big map, trying to find whatever they need to survive while beeing attacked by fungae folks and animals, would work.
akaakaaka  +   746d ago
That sounds good! Survival mode, the last one alive win and you start with nothing and have to find ammo and weapons.
It will be tense and dramatically fun.
bloodybutcher  +   746d ago
yeah,sth like that. you could team up with someone or kill them and take their supplies(which lots of ppl would do, i bet).but the enemies should be hard enough to make working together more appealing.but in the end one would have to betray the other:P idk if ppl would want that, but i like it:D
akaakaaka  +   745d ago
I bet people will love it but they need to make the enemy unlimited to keep things hard and not let player's decide if they should kill eachother at the end or not, thar may bored some kids and I know there are scary player will hide and make it boring.
Let hope tlou multiplier has some unique but good ideas.

And since the gane main focus is aboit protection and taking someone from point A to point B it will be legendary to have a competitive mode to do that, kind of like a hostages mode but with their own twist(I miss socom lol)
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Norrison  +   745d ago
It worked on Dayz, it would work on the last of us a lot better even if its map is 1/6 of dayz', map it would have better animations and AI.
Holeran  +   746d ago
I can't believe people are actually whining about the inclusion of multiplayer in The Last Of Us. When Naughty Dog made Uncharted 2 and 3 they both had multiplayer and in no way do I believe it detracted from the single player experience. I actually like the multiplayer in Uncharted 3. They are just offering something more for the fans to play, why whine about that? Did people whine when zombies was added to Treyarchs last 3 COD titles? Hell no. Thier single and multiplayer portions are being developed by 2 seperate teams, let the developers who have wowed us time and time again do thier job "develop". Lets do our job and play it.
Raoh  +   746d ago
Maybe people should play the game before making assumptions.

Do I necessarily want an online option? Nope, but I am sure as hell going to wait to play the game before I slam or praise it.

I can only say that in my own experience Naughty Dog has delivered and delivered well in the past.

Even if you think Uncharted 3 wasn't better than Uncharted 2, Uncharted 1, 2 and 3 including its multiplayer portion of the game are better than most games and most definitely not a dudebro clone.
Genuine-User  +   746d ago
I love how they replied to all those contentions.
Gridloc  +   746d ago
What about all these other games with lackluster single player offerings, but the multiplayer portion is good? (COD I'm talking to you) Should they stop making the SP because you didn't like it or didn't play it? Grow up. Back when there wasn't all these social media sites, developers didn't ask for your thoughts or opinions. They made the game they wanted to make. Unless its your money their using to make the game, just stfu and either buy their game or not. If one portion of the game doesn't work for you then don't play it.
Tres21  +   746d ago
thank u...all i been hearin is of shoot the Last of Us is the showstopper o wait its gonna hav multiplayer the whole game is gonna suck now...o im sorry i didnt kno u were there in game development should of spoke up then.lol
isa_scout  +   746d ago
People need to cut ND some slack. They make amazing games and all people do is complain that it has MP? who cares? I thought the MP in UC2 was damn good, and the SP campaign was as close to perfect as I've seen this gen. Sure, UC3 wasn't as good, but lets be honest, how the hell were they going to top UC2 in the first place? Got The Last of Us preordered already and that was with or without the MP announcement. Faith in ND people.FAITH
ILive  +   745d ago
First of all, can we see what Naughty Dog as to offer with the multiplayer before you fools start complaining like you do with everything? My goodness! If the single player delivers and they either decided to add multiplayer or not, then I don't see the problem. If you don't want to play the multiplayer, you don't have to. Also, this is the team that delivered the Uncharted series, giving us some of the best multiplayer experience out there.
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kwiksilver99  +   745d ago
wow.most of you are so quick to moan and whine about multiplayer being tacked on and how its unnecessary without having an inkling as to what it exactly is and how it plays!!
you dont have to give your opinion on something you dont know much about ,it only makes you look childish.
i ,on the other hand ,am eagerly waiting for some mp news and gameplay before i cast my opinion.
dafegamer  +   745d ago
Are people seriously doubting Naughty Dog? Come on people
ND knows what they're doing. If the mP wouldnt fit, then there is no way in hell that ND would add it. They will redefine mP in Survival Horror games, just trust ND people
JimboG  +   745d ago
Can't believe people are actually complaining about a game having a multiplayer.
DeletedAcc  +   745d ago
And we have faith that our MP will stand on it’s own. If we felt like it would be tacked on, we wouldn’t have added it. We want all our game experiences to be of the highest quality and that’s what we work extremely hard to deliver.

In naughty dog we trust
coolasj  +   745d ago
ND has proven themselves. This will be a great multiplayer. And the single player will be amazing too.
Let the haters hate, and the ignorant have their bliss. Can't wait until May 7th.
mafiahajeri  +   745d ago
Not buying a game because there MP? I don't understand these guys are the intimidated by MP because they suck? Lol at that guys excuse that the people who know where all the guns are and have all the perks will win. How do you think they found them? They looked! And they unlocked the perks. That's one of the sorriest excuses to not play a MP game. Also like people said no ones forcing you to play the Mp.

Uncharted 2s MP is by far the best ps3 exclusive MP. These guys are a joke and props to ND for putting them in their place. This just went from a 90% to 100% buy...

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