Gears 2 Announced. No In game Footage.

"Gears 2 is going to be bigger, better and far more badass than the first one." This November, 2008.

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niall773684d ago

"game community" is the more important news from MS.

Gears2, is still good news. this can go head to head with resistance2 for the big holiday fanboy flame war

CRIMS0N_W0LF3684d ago

Gears of Wars was crap.

Resistance was even more crap.

Coming from PC Gamer.

DarkSniper3684d ago

One of the biggest titles for XBOX 360 and there's not even footage to showcase the true power of Microsoft's Little Dumpster Juice Machine that couldnt. It's because the truth behind the power of 360 isnt too pretty.


Bladestar3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

ohhh no... fanboy don't go there... lol... People are still scared with the PS3 Kill Zone 2 CGI for years...

They just announced this game and it already has a release date... They don't need to show in game footage on the day they announce the game... Do you have a Kill Zone 2 release date? Though so...

specially when one conciders that this is the 2nd Gears of war since Sony announced Kill Zone 2.... pray that Kill Zone 2 does not endup competing against Gears 3... lol.. Remember the CGI movies Sony used to compete against Gears 1? well... you are still waiting...

thepriest3684d ago

Still makes me laugh, Killzone 2.. Yeah I want Liberation for my PSP, but, after playing Killzone 1 I just can't bring myself to it... Crap.

Can't wait to see the letdown from KZ2.

Hey, I'm just here for the fight...

wageslave3684d ago

This story is wrong.

They showed the new UT in-game with Gears of War 2:

Blademask3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

How delusional are you?

They said its the UNREAL TECH DEMO. NOT GEARS OF WAR 2 TECH DEMO. Find me where they specifically said "THIS IS GEARS OF WAR 2 IN GAME FOOTAGE."

I'll delete my account right now.

Edit @ Below;

Epic did the same exact thing with the previous engine. Still no 100 player battles.

sonarus3684d ago

yea looks like they just showed a tech demo. If gears 2 can pull of crazy battle scenes with crazy amounts of enemies on screen count me in

AngryHippo3684d ago

cool, and why are you in this thread?! Good to know, i will take your opinion into consideration when i go the shop and buy Resistance 2 and GeOW2 when they come out.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3684d ago

That PS3 lineup is starting to look realy "small" poor droids.

Blademask3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Small as far as what? Screens from Resistance 2 dwarf any tech demo for the AMAZING AWARD WINNING UNREAL ENGINE (L O L)

Seriously.. whats your 08 lineup? I mean I'll give you credit if it even numerically outweighs PS3's 08 lineup.

No Multiplatform titles please. Only 360 titles.

Here is your list of non multiplatform titles for 08.

1. Too Human
2. Fable 2
3. Halo Wars (not sure if thats coming to PC. Is it?)
4. Banjo Kazooie

I'd say gears, but Gears of War is a multiplatform title.

Wow.. now thats epic.



So I cant play Gears of War on a PC right now? With Windows Gaming? Good job owning yourself. How about you get a list of your super exclusive 360 titles! Not all of the ones that can be played on the PC. Yeah MS gets money from multiplats. And Sony Gets money from ps2/psp. So I guess with that logic. Sony just owned MS again. And MS can NEVER catch up?

InYourMom3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Not even Cliffy B running out on stage and saying "Gears of War 2 in Novemeber ONLY ON XBOX 360" will sink into that thick droid head of yours.

You also missed Ninja Gaiden II in your list.

InYourMom3684d ago

you are totally contradicting yourself. Are we not talking about 08 here?? You are talking about Gears of War which yes is now on the PC after almost a year after the 360. Gears 2 has not been announced for the PC and who knows, since Gears 1 sold like total ass on the PC it might not see 2. Still, let's just stick to what has been said and unless I'm blind Cliffy said ONLY ON XBOX 360.

I am not going to argue the semantics of what is considered exclusive but will just say that the PS3 will not see it. If you want to play these games on a console you will need a 360. They call it a console war for a reason.

I think you are so concerned with hating that you will say and twist just about anything. Why are you so angry?