Today only, 50% off Need for Speed Most Wanted

Today only, 50% off Need for Speed Most Wanted

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Riderz13371930d ago

The original Most Wanted is better.

PS3Freak1930d ago

I hated Hot Pursuit. It was such an empty game.

DeadlyFire1930d ago

At least HP had cops in MP.

I do admit I miss the cops, but NFSMW is still fun as a racer. Sure its damage models could be better. Criterion used to be known for amazing crash models and that was in the days of PS2 games.

SP mode is fun kinda if you wanna play with cops you have to challenge them by direct contact sometimes. Well in my experience so far, but they are quite fun when they are going after ya.

dirthurts1930d ago

I love this game, but it runs like arse on my pc. Poorly optimized.
I hear they're working on a patch though...

GirlsGeneration1930d ago

Nice! That a good deal. I like the new NFS MW