Ninja Gaiden 2 features video replay

Like Halo 3 and Skate, Ninja Gaiden II owners will be able to record their ninjitsu performances directly to the Xbox 360 hard drive, then upload them for the community to watch. We simply can't wait to watch expert level performances and the obligatory upskirts that will soon follow

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kewlkat0073798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

now your able to relive them funky, strange, humorous, outof this world, NoFNway, quirky, awesome moments, as well as to gloat.

Hopefully this is the way, especially for all the upcoming "Fighting Games" like SF, MK, SC, Tekken and such, where you can replay or save every match and watch awesome combos, finishers and comebacks..

Now with NG2, hopefully it starts a trend. Can't wait to see awesome Combos.

This is a next-gen trend that should be available in the majority of generes. Also gives new life to Online forums, as it gives something to talk about. Maybe MS will push the "youtube" of Video games and have all submitted videos besides the actual games.


Awesome News !!!

Some of the best moments in Halo3 is sending your buddy a vid of you pwning him !!! The Theater in Halo 3 is one of the most innovative concepts in 2007 - Glad to here NG2 will have this feature !

Skerj3798d ago

That's pretty dope, no more having to capture video.

i Shank u3798d ago

More and more games are starting to implement this; great news : )

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