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OneAboveAll1994d ago

Some truly amazing artists to get a game to look this good on such old hardware.

black9111994d ago

Beyond Two Souls is on the Same level graphically. Maybe even better.

ritsuka6661994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Are you talk about in game or CGI? new Metal Gears uses in game engine no BS of CGI like this game.

grassyknoll1994d ago

Doing quicktime events is a bit easier than having a sandbox environment to interact with.

JasonXS121994d ago

I agree with grassyknoll on the sandbox and quicktime event based games. I saw gameplay on Beyond Two Souls and the map is really small but the game does look absolutely amazing.

When I first saw the face of the doctor at the beginning I shat my pants at how detailed his face was, as well as the face of the patient being shot under the bed. That's some real realtime graphic fidelity right there.

Aghashie1994d ago

@ ritsuka

Beyond does not uses cg, only in game graphics. Same as Heavy Rain. Now that you know that fact, go to youtube and watch the trailer. Remove your computer keyboard from the desk... you may drool all over it.

Grap1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Phantom Pain wasn't mind blowing, GZ in other hand is something else.

nukeitall1994d ago

@grassyknoll :


Quicktime events means you don't have to simulate physics for a lot of objects or even worry about hit detection. It's basically canned animation all the way, so a lot of the overhead is gone.

NastyDaddeh1994d ago

yea but look at that necklace on her...eeewwwwww

Beastforlifenoob1994d ago

why is everyone acting like this is the begginging of something "new" creating photo-realistic 3D models were introduced years ago, these people use 3D scanner type techniques. EVEN indie games will reach this graphical fidelity within 5 years

Norrison1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

When you're in a small room with almost no interactive objects you can achieve really good graphics, btw those graphics don't impress at all, look at the lack of detail on the scars/wounds, look at the lack of geometry and low res textures on the collar. The character model is flawless but the textures aren't impressive at all. But the trailer of beyond still looks impresive especially the facial animations and the fire.

Now look at phantom pain/mgs5 screens all the character models are high quality, yes there are low res textures but there's more going on screen.

ZombieKiller1993d ago

Graphically, this game is amazing, BETTER than Two Souls. Plus Metal Gears graphics arent everything, the gameplay and story is what grips me. They could have dated graphics like COD and I wouldnt care. This is just the beginning too, imagine what it will look like when it comes out!

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Plagasx1993d ago

Except that Beyond Two Souls is just one big Quicktime Event...

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Eyesoftheraven1994d ago

Imagine how proud they must feel to be so good at their craft? Man, I can only dream of being such a master of something..

maximaz1993d ago

You can be the master of playing that game.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

You can't build a current console gen spec pc today. With what? a gtx 560? 550? with the dx11 only cards sold today? dx9 cards are no longer sold starting 2009.

Was it running in higher than 720p? & 30fps for presentation? I bet.

Console gamer are ready to eat this info up.

KwietStorm1994d ago

Keep trying. You want that gold star you gotta push just a little more.

akaakaaka1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Ps, i cant wait for the ps4 im tired of my ps3 old tech through we are getting few amazing games starting 2013 I want a ps4 after those games in 2013.
Look how beyond looks or gow or lou they all look amazing, devs improve and juice that old technology.
I agree new pcs have amazing technology obviously, all you are getting from your investment is just better textures and better fps, for me and I bet for most is not worth the stress and money to stay updated with new technology hi end pcs plus devs are not going to juice or even going to touch half of the real potential your graphics card has and I think that's a shame and I will feel I'm been rip off and is not even fair. That how I see it and that how its.

Plus PlayStation has few amazing devs, pc also have like what two or 3 good exclusive devs for them? And this pc devs don't have the talent that devs like naughty dogs have or santa monica, they do have the advantage on technology and only few use that advantage. But the artistic talents are most on the PlayStation and a couple or one on the xbox(the new halo looks good) but the rest are multiplataform devs that will never use whatever your hiend pc card can do and this is the reality .

ZombieKiller1993d ago

ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney- All consoles are today are just Sony/Ms branded PC's. Trust me, if Metal Gear went PC exclusive, I'd be a PC gamer tomorrow. Regardless, he will have this at 720 or higher with 30fps locked if not more when the game is released. Im glad this isn't on PC because Kojima does consoles pretty well.
This game or 2 games are prequels to MGS5 which I bet will show up on the next gen consoles. They aren't Vita games like the one article suggests. It's a PS3/360 intro into next generation by Hideo Kojima pretty much. I bet he will cut down the cutscenes and GZ/PP will be a combined story the size of MGS4 if not bigger.

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SephirothX211994d ago

The trailer is very good for current specs but if you want to see next gen, look at the Unreal Engine 4 videos. If next gen consoles can get a graphics card as good as a GTX 680 (I doubt it), we will see some truly stunning games.

Norrison1993d ago

I can run the UE4 demo at 60 fps 1080p C:

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Monstar1994d ago

I would take this with a grain of salt, Hideo and his team is known to state such things at first, until the game progresses further and things eventually downgrade.. especially when design choices are altered and more things are added, etc.

One can't forget the initial MGS3 realtime gameplay and MGS4 original look which was suppose to be running in realtime (wasn't even running on a PS3)...and eventually changed.

Just keep that in mind. Will look great regardless.

CarlosX3601994d ago

Um. I dunno if you noticed, but at the time of MGS4's development, PS3 was NEW.

There is no excuse this time around.

modesign1994d ago

when games have to accomodate for both ps3/360, quality is sacrificed.

cee7731994d ago

ps3 downgraded specs like ram last minute. kojima himself is ashamed of mgs4 even tho its a masterpiece

ZombieKiller1993d ago

CEE .....FAIL. just...plain.....FAIL

cee7731993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

go check the interview with kojima sony changed ps3 specs so he had to make compromises with mgs4 its a fact this is what I read on a kojima interview about the development of mgs4 sony changed dev units many times with ps3

ABizzel11993d ago

I'll believe it when I see it.

"All footage is shown running in real-time on hardware equivalent to current generation consoles (PS3 & XBOX360)"

It's been possible for several other games that were far from release to actually run their demos on PS360, but this game is running on "EQUIVALENT HARDWARE". Equivalent being the key word, meaning equal or "NEAR-EQUAL". By all means this could easily be a PS4 / Nextbox launch game, and with graphics like that this early, in a Sandbox world, and Sony wanting 1080p @ 60fps, then I'm satisfied with what Next gen will be bringing.

If this is truly PS360 footage of the game then Kojima just [email protected] on every developer this generation graphically. The lightning and details within the hospital are unmatched in this scene.

And here you can even see the wrinkles in his foot

And I can't finish without posting the @$$ shot. I see you peaking out the back of the gown :D

Pintheshadows1994d ago

So I go away for a while to play Hitman and Far Cry and Dark Souls 2 and MGS5 (this is MGS5 right?) get revealed. Maybe I should stay away from N4G more often.

Summons751994d ago

No body knows yet, more likely than not its MSG GZ since its too early after that announcement to be announcing mgs5.....but even if its a new ip than it looks awesome. Either way we have an excellent game on our hands.

Syntax-Error1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

If it were it would have FOX STUDIOS attached. This is clearly another MG game in the works called Phantom Pain. MG:GZ is Big Boss and last time I checked, he didnt have a prosthetic arm.

j-blaze1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

i doubt it's MGS5...MGS5 is too big to be revealed like that.
maybe it's MGS: GZ in a disguise? but gametrailers guy said it's a totally new game i mean how could he know? i think he just got trolled too like us.... man this whole Phantom Pain game makes my head spin :(

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1993d ago

An extended trailer came out for Phantom Pain and at the end some woman says " V has come to". Its the letter V not the Roman numeral for 5 so i think this is another MGS besides MGS5. Probably MGSGZ

Yangus1994d ago

Phantom Pain its not MGS5.
Its a Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

Sp1d3ynut1994d ago

Um...OK, so you believe the "world premiere" at the SPIKE VGAs for a "brand new IP" from a "brand new developer"...was ACTUALLY new footage from a game that was announced a few months ago, in it's own "world premiere"...and is part of an OLD IP, from an OLD developer.

I understand people believing it's actually MGS5, but what you're suggesting is just plain retarded.

Fez1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

No it's not. Someone just said (was it Jeff Keighley?) it was a new IP from a new developer. That doesn't make it so. He could be in on it or he could have been given that information which he believed.

And it would be unlikely for two MGS games to be announced so close to each other (if they're both console games) judging from the series history so thinking this is hype for Ground Zeroes isn't that silly.

Plus you're contradicting yourself. If you believe it's a brand new IP from a brand new developer then it must be equally retarded to think it's MGS5.

doogiebear1994d ago

Dude, David Hayter already gave a hige clue that it is in fact an MGS game. He tweeted about it. When asked what he thought about the trailer, he said it "made his arm hurt". Hayter is the English voice actor for Snake. You do the math.

Fez1994d ago

That's only because someone asked him what he thought of the trailer so his response doesn't really point one way or the other.

But with all the other "coincidences" I will be very surprised if this is not MGS related and is actually a new IP.

Nate-Dog1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Funny how what Yangus suggested is "plain retarded" yet Kojima before fooled everyone into thinking MGS2 was going to be a game where the player plays as Snake only and made people think MGS3's Snake was Solid Snake. Kojima has been trolling everyone for years on end, get with the programme bro.

TheMailman1994d ago

Keighley said it is a NEW game not a NEW IP.. and that makes all the difference..

dumahim1994d ago

All the new video shown was labeled as "world premiere" because it was new footage. Even for games we've already seen like Bioshock Infinite and Gears of War.

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Aghashie1994d ago

After watching Ground Zeroes trailer a few weeks ago I can say this is totally expected. Fox Engine is like f*cking Gandalf for this console generation... But you know, Fox Engine is not the only engine pulling rabbits out of hat. As stated above by someone else, Beyond is looking great so far. And don't forget about the long awaited Last Guardian! Those two are really doing magic out of thin air. Is nice to see some developers trying really hard to rise the bar with their product, that makes me wanna buy their games even more.


Sp1d3ynut1994d ago

Yeah, Team Ico is really "doing magic" alright... like the old school "now you see it, now you don't" smoke and mirrors BS magic. It's all turning out to be one bogus illusion.

Aghashie1994d ago

I will agree with you just cause I can feel your frustration and irony. I feel the same...