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Top 5 PC games for 2013

There are a bunch of titles coming out for PC next year, which certainly means that platform is not done yet (and for that I am grateful)! This is my opinion on what the Top 5 are and there were some tough choices to leave off, like Metro: Last Light and Bioshock Infinite. What are your Top 5? (PC)

HoldenZA  +   577d ago
Like the list, but I would have to add DayZ the standalone to that list! Can't get enough of them Zombies!!
bosbvok  +   577d ago
Quite right, plus there is also WarZ which is due "Fall 2012", but its probably going to be 2013?
Linsolv  +   577d ago
But WarZ is embroiled in some serious scandal right now regarding whether or not it's a complete scam, is it not? DayZ seems like the safer bet.

Assuming we're not adding Dead Linger to the list, even though I expect we'll probably be seeing the Beta release, if not the Final release, in 2013.
Can't wait for rome 2!!
ATi_Elite  +   577d ago
The Real Top 5 2013 PC Games watch list!
Arma 3
DayZ standalone
Company of Heroes 3

Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm
Metro Last Light
Crysis 3
Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium
Command & Conquer: Generals 2
Rome 2 Total War
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bosbvok  +   577d ago
Another one I left off the list is ARMA 3. I do hold high hopes for that game as well. Just really curious to know what people are actually looking forward to in 2013. PC gaming is alive and well!! :)
Choc_Salties  +   577d ago
I'll go with Simcity. We had a looksie at it over at Gamescom and it was spectactular. Along with all the extra bits now being bolted on, it ought to be a winner!
PandaMcBearface  +   577d ago
Simcity to the max. Building pretty things is so much win and the multiplayer sounds awesome :D
Likalota  +   577d ago
Some are a given like "Crysis 3" and "StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm".

Here a few more worth looking at:

Watch Dogs
Dead Space 3
Command & Conquer: Generals 2
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bosbvok  +   577d ago
I certainly agree on Watch Dogs, it could quite easily be one of those games that is magnificent IF it delivers on its promises. Person of Interest: The Game :)
Plagasx  +   577d ago
Seriously? Where is Metro Last Light?

That game will fucking SHINE on the PC.

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