Grand Theft Auto IV DLC to Hit Xbox 360 in Fall 2008

Confirmed today at GDC, Xbox 360 owners of GTA IV can expect to see additional content sometime this fall. No information regarding pricing or content has been announced yet.

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toughNAME3619d ago

FAR earlier than I expected

mikeslemonade3619d ago

Yea right, you launch a game in the Spring and the content doesn't come until fall? For the people who would still be playing that would be a benefit, but that exclusive content will hardly dictate sales. GTA4 will sell better on 360 because it has a larger install base not because of the exclusive content.

toughNAME3619d ago

There are many reasons why the 360 version will sell more

Anything but Cute3619d ago

maybe one day, they will let people know what it is.

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Dathcha3619d ago

The link to the article doesn't seem to work... It just gives a page with "Error" on it...

Dathcha3619d ago

Ah, the link works now :)

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The story is too old to be commented.