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Lucreto1923d ago

I understand where he is coming from.

Maybe they should do 2 covers back to back and so people can change it if they want.

BanBrother1923d ago


Some games give you the option. Why has it not become a standard? If DBZ can do it, so can Bioshock.

grailly1923d ago

I realized that most sony games have this option. I never use it though, not having all the specifications of the game on the box makes it look out of place in a collection.

wallis1923d ago

Limited edition maybe?

I understand where he's coming from though and I have to admire his transparency so much. I didn't really gel with the cover at all but the gameplay footage has had me stolen since I first saw it - nothing short of the devs attacking with me my own severed arm would make me consider skipping out on Bioshock Infinite.

Mocat1923d ago

Meanwhile on steam


Crazyglues1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

Or do a Limited Edition like Medal of Honor: Warfighter and Assassins Creed III did, where there is no increase in price but you get a Metal Case with new Logo on it..

That way you can keep your on the shelf generic cover and still please the die-hard and serious gaming fans while seeing how the demand for the game is going... by offering this Metal Case as a pre-order only option.

So pre-order and you get the Limited Metal Case edition - and everyone who does not pre-order most likely won't care about getting the generic cover.

Then we can have something like this for the Metal Case cover - http://media-titanium.curse...


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Riderz13371923d ago

Are people really complaining about box art now...-.- come on. I wonder if reviewers will take points off from their score because of the box art. Just get over it i'm sure the game itself will be amazing, and that's all that matters.

brian1985FM1923d ago

doubt it, but interesting scenario :P

Sketchy_Galore1923d ago

It's not the box art but what it says about the direction they may be taking the game and the audience they're aiming for, that coupled with the fact that the videos they release are getting more and more balls to the wall action focused should at least allow people to voice some concern.

I see you're looking forward to the Last of us. Just imagine for one second that they released the cover image and it featured our main character who had seemingly been redesigned and given a Mohawk, holding a giant assault rifle with a blade attachment with a speech bubble coming out of his head that reads, 'time to kick some zombie ass' and the young girl grabbing onto his leg while wearing a skimpy bikini. Obviously that's a far more extreme example than what happened with the a bioshock infinite cover and obviously the cover I described would be awesome but surely you can see how a cover image would be cause for concern.

smashman981923d ago

Now aren't you glad that's not what was done to infinites siover

pr0digyZA1923d ago

The videos they used at the vga's was meant to catch the eyes of the shooter crowd, especially given the time limit. The other videos that have been shown, show that the bio-shock formula that we know and love has been kept in tact.

Sketchy_Galore1923d ago

I didn't actually watch the video clip earlier because I couldn't get it to play but after watching it I have to say it was a good and satisfying answer. While I still don't like the cover and think its a shame they have to use it, I do appreciate the logical and seemingly honest explanation given. I'm back on board. Still, it's a shame the frat boys have any kind of control over what type of games get funded these days.

ziggurcat1923d ago

i've said it before - that's bloated gamer entitlement for you...

CaptCalvin1923d ago

People see it as a sign of selling out. It happens when the industry is becoming more and more mainstream and the quality of entertainment is getting more and more diluted.

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andron6661923d ago

Might be a smart move, but I don't think the box art is all that bad anyway. Certainly not much worse than a lot of other box art...

-Gespenst-1923d ago

I understand his rationale, but I really don't think you should compromise when it comes to anything artistic. I'm SURE they could have come up with an unconventional cover art that turned heads. Maybe the guy and the girl riding that Songbird thing or something. There's an infinite (lol) amount of possibilities.

Every aspect of the game should be an untramelled vision, it shouldn't hold anything back and it shouldn't pander to any popular demographic. Change the paradigm, take people out of their comfort zone, make people realize there's more to life than the stagnant shit they lazily consume. Not even the smallest aspect should compromise and this cover still annoys me.

soundslike1923d ago

Like he says, they did it so they DIDN'T have to compromise on anything gameplay or story. Its more than a fair trade.

AznGaara1923d ago

But think about this, if the game's boxart takes people out the their comfort zone what makes you think they'd buy it then?

aliengmr1923d ago

In the entertainment world art is compromised all the time. In the real world if you want sell your art, you HAVE to be able to compromise. A very few artists can make any money without compromising their artistic integrity at some point. In games and movies, forget it.

You should be thanking him for compromising just the cover and not the game. Bigger budgets need more gamers to buy the game. If making a familiar looking cover gets gamers to buy it what's the problem?

aliengmr1923d ago

That is how to respond to community complaints. I don't have an issue with the cover myself, but I like that his response was honest and respectful.

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