Ratchet and Clank: Full Frontal Assault Review-Game Pandemic

Looking for a great platformer to sink your teeth into? Then look for something else, because this novel genre mash-up is not what the fans were hoping for. Read Game Pandemic's full review.

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abzdine1988d ago

i still think it's worth trying when you see the price.

CyborgNinjaGreyFox1988d ago

i have give up on this franchise now =/

shivvy241988d ago

bro its a psn game , its meant to be short and have a small story for 20 bucks

AdmiralSnake1988d ago

These reviews slamming the game hard. Me personally I like he game, I much rather a proper ratchet and clank game. But this game isn't bad, it's a good game for what it does. I'd give it an 8, especially when it's only 20 dollars....but their opinion so w.e

Qrphe1988d ago

It's $20, has Cross Buy and I actually enjoyed the beta for it. I'm totally getting this soon.

-Gespenst-1988d ago

That picture is cracking me up. It's like Ratchet's just lost his mind and murdered someone.

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