Only One Man Can Tweet More Than Hideo Kojima…His Swedish Alter-Ego

Kotaku - Mysterious Metal Gear game The Phantom Pain was the star of last week's Spike VGAs. The Twitter account of its "Head CEO" Joakim N. Mogren, complete with wonderfully photoshopped Kojima head, is the star of your Monday.

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Snookies121389d ago

He is looking pretty spiffy with that sweet stache... I think Kojima might just have found himself a new look!

Snookies121388d ago

You're right Morgan Freeman! Didn't know you got on N4G...

WeAreLegion1389d ago

Apparently, these guys don't follow David Jaffe...

yewles11389d ago

"I would like to apologize to Sony about my previous comment about the Vita. I hope this does not affect our relationship."

Translation: I'm sorry for taking two years only to kill off my Vita project, please don't kill me...

Mounce1388d ago

With a comment like THAT you know though that it's a joke account and not Kojima himself now.

Y_51501389d ago

I seen this silly title for an article to only think of one site that could have made this...KOTAKU! -_-
Funny pic though!

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