Nintendo made rounded discs and a separate Wii channel for the same reason: Piracy prevention

NE: "It seems odd that Nintendo would choose to force you to boot up a separate channel altogether if you want to play Wii games/old downloaded titles on the Wii U, doesn’t it? After all, every prior backwards-compatible Nintendo console just lets you play previous-generation games in the same way that you play the proprietary games on the system. Even 3DS puts your DSiWare titles on the main menu, as though they’re eShop games."

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dazzrazz1827d ago

What kinda imbecile writes those articles lol

scottd1827d ago

The Wii did the same thing you had to boot to gamecube mode ( the gamecube disc were small) and it didnt stop piracy, you could also play everything off an external usb

stragomccloud1827d ago

Except Gamecube games... unless you had a special hardware mod. Wii games worked fine though.

OneAboveAll1827d ago

Does anyone know how to access the virtual console store on Wii U? I can't find it. Want to download SMB3.

byeldell341827d ago

just go to the wii menu but i don't thank you can down load it

scottd1827d ago

I bet you have to go into Wii mode to access the VC store. Also I think the rounded edges are simply because there proprietary disc so there needs to be a slight difference from regular disc.The drive will still play regular disc, otherwise the system would not play Wii games

neogeo1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Could someone clear this up for me? Do the rounded disks on play in a normal disk drive? Like if a person wanted to burn the disk the rounded disk wont fit?

Sano641827d ago

nope, they used a proprietary 25GB disk, so it wont work in a bluray drive

neogeo1827d ago

Thanks. I remember Wii games spin backwards but LG made a DVD player that also spins backwards and they burned from there. Dreamcast also had a proprietary disk but it was hacked quickly.

I best any company can do is a least make it so it takes 5-6 years before its opened up wide.

scottd1827d ago

not without the proper software, if the Wii U disc fit in a regular drive then its only a matter of time before someone writes a program to read the Wii U disc, rip and burn them.

jmc88881827d ago

What people are forgetting is that with other consoles, people would get a mod chip and then download (or buy) a pirated version of the game.

The thing is, where do you find a rounded disc to burn?

This is an example of a good type of piracy management. Change the physical nature of the disc to make it harder to play pirated copies on the Wii U rather than add obstructive DRM (or a more invasive version).

So I don't think this is about playing rounded discs in, say a PC DVD drive, at least that's about not allowing discs burned on a PC to be able to be played on a Wii U...whether they make a mod chip or not.

While nothing is said to be certain, it is an interesting theory.