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Nintendo made rounded discs and a separate Wii channel for the same reason: Piracy prevention

NE: "It seems odd that Nintendo would choose to force you to boot up a separate channel altogether if you want to play Wii games/old downloaded titles on the Wii U, doesn’t it? After all, every prior backwards-compatible Nintendo console just lets you play previous-generation games in the same way that you play the proprietary games on the system. Even 3DS puts your DSiWare titles on the main menu, as though they’re eShop games." (Wii U)

dazzrazz  +   493d ago
What kinda imbecile writes those articles lol
scottd  +   492d ago
The Wii did the same thing you had to boot to gamecube mode ( the gamecube disc were small) and it didnt stop piracy, you could also play everything off an external usb
stragomccloud  +   492d ago
Except Gamecube games... unless you had a special hardware mod. Wii games worked fine though.
OneAboveAll  +   492d ago
Does anyone know how to access the virtual console store on Wii U? I can't find it. Want to download SMB3.
byeldell34  +   492d ago
just go to the wii menu but i don't thank you can down load it
scottd  +   492d ago
I bet you have to go into Wii mode to access the VC store. Also I think the rounded edges are simply because there proprietary disc so there needs to be a slight difference from regular disc.The drive will still play regular disc, otherwise the system would not play Wii games
neogeo  +   492d ago
Could someone clear this up for me? Do the rounded disks on play in a normal disk drive? Like if a person wanted to burn the disk the rounded disk wont fit?
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Sano64  +   492d ago
nope, they used a proprietary 25GB disk, so it wont work in a bluray drive
neogeo  +   492d ago
Thanks. I remember Wii games spin backwards but LG made a DVD player that also spins backwards and they burned from there. Dreamcast also had a proprietary disk but it was hacked quickly.

I best any company can do is a least make it so it takes 5-6 years before its opened up wide.
scottd  +   492d ago
not without the proper software, if the Wii U disc fit in a regular drive then its only a matter of time before someone writes a program to read the Wii U disc, rip and burn them.
jmc8888  +   492d ago
What people are forgetting is that with other consoles, people would get a mod chip and then download (or buy) a pirated version of the game.

The thing is, where do you find a rounded disc to burn?

This is an example of a good type of piracy management. Change the physical nature of the disc to make it harder to play pirated copies on the Wii U rather than add obstructive DRM (or a more invasive version).

So I don't think this is about playing rounded discs in, say a PC DVD drive, at least that portion....it's about not allowing discs burned on a PC to be able to be played on a Wii U...whether they make a mod chip or not.

While nothing is said to be certain, it is an interesting theory.

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