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Online Petition demanding Dark Souls II for Wii U

Christopher Marcil has started an online petition demanding Dark Souls 2 for Nintendo Wii U. Recently at VGA 2012, Namco Bandai and From Software announced Dark Souls 2 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, but nothing was said whether the game will launch on Wii U or not. (Dark Souls 2, From Software, Wii U)

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chadboban  +   748d ago
I think a Souls game could work quite well on Wii U, once the developers don't make a half-assed port of it. I could see incredible potential for Miiverse and this game as well. A petition worked for a PC release of Dark Souls so maybe if the support is large enough we could see a Wii U version.
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WiiUsauce  +   747d ago
I see there being a really good chance of seeing Dark Souls II on Wii U. Namco Bandai and Nintendo have a really good relationship. Look at how they added Nintendo exclusive features to Tekken Tag 2, and they are also co developing the next Super Smash Bros game. they've also worked with Nintendo in the past and have worked on Nintendo franchises like Star Fox, Donkey Konga, Mario Baseball, ect. with the Wii U being more than capable to run the game, and Namco and Nintendo's good relationship, I'd be surprised if it wasn't ported.
MattyG  +   747d ago
Just was thinking about this last night. I think it would be really cool, but what could they put on the screen? I guess inventory could work, but it's nothing too special.
herbs  +   747d ago
The Gamepad would be great for sending messages, hand written or even comical stick man drawings depicting the traps and dangers ahead could be awesome hilarious fun. Also being able to managing your inventory and stats on it would be a nice addition.
MattyG  +   747d ago
"According to this warning there's yet another penis trap ahead." -The results of letting ANYBODY draw ANYTHING in ANY game.
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BrianC6234  +   747d ago
If you want this game buy a PS3 and play it. No big problem version will be made. There just won't be enough demand for it.
animegamingnerd  +   747d ago
what about the PC version of dark souls there was demand for it and we got it
dgonza40  +   747d ago
Yeah, but the install base is bigger.. There was a lot more demand on pc than there will be on wii U. Still agreed with your comment, but I'm not sure if wii u has the numbers to justify it. Would be nice though
Brownghost  +   747d ago
same was said about it for pc, but the petition succeeded and it was ported to pc.
animegamingnerd  +   747d ago
"sign the petition damn it"
postal dude
ThatEnglishDude  +   747d ago
Why even bother having individual consoles if the only games people really give a shit about are multiplatform...
Ducky  +   747d ago
It's already multiplatform to begin with.

Why deprive others from experiencing the game?
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ThatEnglishDude  +   747d ago
I get what you're saying, and I do agree to an extent - It's just that I see more multiplatforms nowadays than anything. It just begs the question I posted originally: why bother having multiple systems on the market if we are all going to have the same games anyway (for the most part) might as well just make one console.

I guess I'm comparing this to the days of PS1/N64 or SNES/MegaDrive. They had games for their own respective audience. I understand there are still exclusives out there, but there just doesn't seem to be any point in having 3 or 4 major systems if the majority of games are on each of them. Maybe that's a good thing, I don't know? Just an observation is all.
refocusedman  +   747d ago
I don't think a Wii U version makes sense at this point in time. The userbase isnt large enough to warrant a niche product such as this. This is coming from a person who purchased demon and dark souls day 1. Whoever started this petition needs to understand that video games are based upon business and that would be a risky business move for such a smile company such as from software. With the ps360 if they fell flat at least they had a possible combined cushion of 140 million console owners to fall flat on. so evne if they sold to 1 percent of that they still sell 1.4 million.
majiebeast  +   747d ago
I doubt its gonna happen the 5% attach rate of blops 2 on the wiiU, then the fact the fanbase is small on the wiiU. Doesnt paint a good picture for Namco. Maybe if Nintendo pays the porting costs but i really doubt that.
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WiigotU  +   747d ago
So everyon who owns a ps3 or xbox owns Blops 2 ?
Also can you guide me to a site that shows npd figures for the game being sold?
Qrphe  +   747d ago
I doubt the petition will do something. If you really want DS2 on the Wii U, buy on on Christmas and games for it in order to show From that the console has support.
akaakaaka  +   747d ago
What if the trailer we saw was actually gameplay and the games was coming to next gen consoles only?
Well if is not what I dream then I don't think the wii u is for hardcore games like this but they should give it a try and make it for it, its one of the best games ever.
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StrawberryDiesel420   747d ago | Off topic | show
Drainage  +   747d ago
maybe in a year , it will come out in the wii u, for sure. This happened to lots of Xbox360->ps3 titles back in 2007
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MegaLagann  +   747d ago
Well From Software and Namco do listen to petitions. Fans petitioned to get the game ported to the PC, so I don't see why it can't get ported to the Wii U. Honestly, Dark Souls II can work great on the Wii U and dare I say be the definitive version for one reason; Miiverse. Hell when Nintendo announced Miiverse I thought of the messaging system in Dark Souls. Plus, it hasn't been announced yet, but it might be later down the line. Nintendo is very strange when it comes to announcing stuff. They waited until the September 13th conference to announce that Black Ops II would be coming to Wii U instead of E3. The lastest Need for Speed game got announced for Wii U around the same time the other versions came out. Hell Reggie said there's more games to be announced for the launch window despite us already being in December. Just because it hasn't been announced now, could mean Nintendo may save the announcement for a conference, which to be honest is an incredibly stupid practice i'd wish Nintendo would drop.

That being said, if Dark Souls II doesn't come out for the Wii U, no big deal. I got a PS3 so I should be fine, and hell if it's on that Steam Box thing I may just get it on that. But it would be nice having it on the Wii U for Miiverse.
neogeo  +   747d ago
Well I don't own a 360. Sold my gaming PC (mistake) and both my ps3's YROD. So Now I only have a WiiU. I DEPEND on this game coming to my system.
DivineAssault  +   747d ago
It wont sell well on wii u... I doubt devs will waste the resources... Im sure some will buy it but only nintendo fans.. The casuals n kids wont & that might be half of who owns one at that point.. Who knows? but i doubt it will happen.. i will sign the petition for the good of the team to help u guys out a bit..

I would love to see more 3rd party multiplats make it on there but if history is anything to go by, wii u will mostly sell 1st party games just like all the others. Borderlands 2 & RE6 have much better chances of making it on the wii u than a game like this.. On 360/ps3 combined, dark souls barely cleared a couple million in sales..
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yourmom2921  +   747d ago
kalkano  +   747d ago
I hate it when people use the word "demanding" for stuff like this...
BlackWolf  +   747d ago
Yeah. As if they would die if they don't get it...
strigoi814  +   747d ago
lol really???
sdozzo  +   747d ago
Haha never going to happen.
neogeo  +   747d ago
-1 bub for you being an ass. You think it's funny?
the worst  +   747d ago
just forget the wii u
you wanna play the game
get ps3/360 or pc
other wise shut up
herbs  +   747d ago
Oh you your just the worst ;)
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Brownghost  +   747d ago
if the petition worked for pc it may work for wiiu.
ambientFLIER  +   747d ago
There needs to be a petition for no more petitions.
Swiggins  +   747d ago
I'd like for everybody to play this game, hell, I'd put it on a graphic calculator if it were possible.

...but, if porting it to the WiiU causes the game to be delayed, then I will instantly change my mind...
KonaBro  +   747d ago
Not gonna work.
The Wii U is a new platform and the slow sales at the moment would not justify having to make another SKU for the Wii U when they will make money from PS3/360. I know a lot of you Nintendo fans don't like to hear it but Wii U is going to be another Wii in terms of third-party support. At this point, it would only be worth getting a Wii U for games from Nintendo.
exfatal  +   747d ago
its really too soon to decide this, about the wii U considering the been in the gaming business for 20+ years, im confident nintendo knows what their doing. Dark Souls would be great for the Wii U and might convince some people to purchase the Wii U if they already haven't.
1upgamer99  +   747d ago
LOL slow sales? The Wii U sold over 300,000 in Japan alone this past weekend...
KonaBro  +   747d ago
The Wii and even the Vita sold more in their release weekend than the Wii U. So like I said, it had ok sales but it's not lighting up the charts. So to bring it back around, it's not getting 3rd party support. Period.
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millzy102  +   747d ago
justify slow sales nintendo said manufacturing is a big issue for them in the launch window and the majority of units are actually being sold.
Kelun  +   747d ago
Only if the inventory is used in the same way as the other platforms. I liked that the inventory covered the whole screen and was in real-time. If they throw the inventory on the gamepad, that would ruin the experience. Also the install base is gonna be pretty low. They should wait for more hardware sales, I don't want them to spend money making a port only to get almost nothing in return. DAKU FLAME MASTA OUT!
exfatal  +   747d ago
How would putting the inventory on the gamepad ruin the experiences, I can only see it improving it. Care to back up this statement?
Kelun  +   747d ago
Already did. Down Below.
AO1JMM  +   747d ago
CLOUD1983  +   747d ago
How many ppl who bought a Wii U really care about a so hardcore & hard game like Dark Souls? this guy who make the petition doesn't think straight if he truly believes that this console r going to see games like Dark Souls in the future, tell him some1 to stick with PS3 for those kind of games he can still play Mario with his brand new console isn't that the reason he get one? if not then too bad, wrong choice I guess?
millzy102  +   747d ago
I do that's why I play zombiu, nuff said. I have a ps3 but would rather have it on Wii u.
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1upgamer99  +   747d ago
I know, I really prefer Madden13 , BOPS2, on Wii U Zombi U, is way cool. The funny thing about the people that disagree, have not even sat and played Wii U accept maybe a demo, and that is not the same. Like Assassins Creed 3 The gamepad really makes the game a better experience. Some people just don't get it. There loss not ours.
catch  +   747d ago
A game like this with no pause would be ideal on the Wii U. Going through your inventory and stat screens on the gamepad while keeping an eye on your surroundings on the tv sounds great.
Kelun  +   747d ago
It does sound great, not for Dark Souls though. Just like ZombiU your character bends down to look into his bag, you're vulnerable in this situation. If they take that out it wouldn't be the same.(UNLESS YOU CAN'T MOVE IF YOU HAVE THE INVENTORY OPEN ON GAMEPAD) They can use the gamepad but please not as a inventory. As of now they probably already made the inventory easy to access on the other platforms. I hope not!
legend911  +   747d ago
We need more signers! Come on! >.<
exfatal  +   747d ago
signed, really hope Namco pulls through with this, they do have a tendancy to re release things on a different console. Never know we might get a "Dark Souls 2 f" for the wii U
ozzywazzy  +   747d ago
How about just getting it for an intended console? This douche starts a petition for something he can't have? Sense of entitlement much. Open your eyes people, third party support will be non existent on this console. Sell them while you can.
PopRocks359  +   747d ago
"How about just getting it for an intended console?"

Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't you one of those guys who kept going to 3DS articles saying "Oh I'll just wait for the Vita version of Resident Evil Revelations"?
BlackWolf  +   747d ago
So, the people that want this game, even tough they don't own a ps3 or 360, have no right to ask for it? If they want to make this petition to get the game on their wii u, they have all the right to do it. They don't have and probably will not listen to your biased "omen". They have their console, they want the game, let 'em try.
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millzy102  +   747d ago
one plus bubble for you black wolf and i have a ps3 and still want it on wii u
wiiulee  +   747d ago
yes petition for all great games to come to this great system....with the wiiu the possibility for great ideas and gameplay are endless and despite lies from haters the wiiu does better graphics then both ps3 and xbox360......the difference with any game should be the interaction of the gamepad...just great.
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