8.5 Reviews The Club (PS3)

"After spending a few minutes with The Club, it's easy to label it as bland and derivative. However, The Club is like a fine wine that needs to be allowed to breathe before consumption. To dismiss it outright would be to miss the beauty that lies beneath the presentation: a game so finely crafted and tuned that it is quite unlike anything available on the market."

The Club walks a tightrope that hovers above a pit of repetition, but manages to keep its balance by appealing to a competitive compulsion. The game offers a multiplayer mode, as apparently all games with guns must now feature one, but those that appreciate The Club will also appreciate the true value is found in the desire to have one more go, to do better. With a variety of levels and difficulties and online leaderboards that fuel the inner overachiever, the only reason to stop playing The Club is if a player's skill has reached a plateau."

Ultimately, The Club offers an experience that many would have believed dead – or at least banished to cheap downloads. Like a powerful shiraz, it's not for everyone, but it's definitely a refreshing reminder that often mediocre gameplay is hidden behind convoluted narrative wrapping. The Club wears its heart proudly on its sleeve and makes no apologies for what it is: beautiful, finely crafted gameplay that grabs one by the throat and demands they play some more. High score junkies that are feeling left out in the cold by the current obsession with cinematic flair should purchase The Club immediately."

- Liam O'Connor

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