Valve Console Will Shape The Future Of Gaming

"The latest news to break around the internet and send a shiver down every gamers spine is the announcement that Valve will be releasing their very own console next year, in direct competition with the next Xbox and Playstation 4.

But what does it mean for gamers and gaming in general?" - TGC

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2023d ago
sdozzo2023d ago

It will be harder than Valve thinks.

Gamer19822023d ago

It depends on how they do it but building pcs and selling them pre-built mass market could work. It would keep costs down and make things a lot easier for those who always wanted top PC graphics without the PC costs. Of course you can buy PC's built now but people go for consoles because of the ease of it all Valve are bringing that idea to PCs. This however could seriously damage consoles nex-gen.

Farsendor12023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

im going to save 600$ for the hybrid platform. i don't believe the hybrid platform will cost that much but ill put the money back for it anyways.

i didn't even consider buying wiiu.

Npugz72023d ago

It might be tough for Valve because they don't have the fanbase that xbox and Playstation have

Gamer19822023d ago

http://store.steampowered.c... 6 million peak and 4 million concurrent (average) would say otherwise. Those are just people online with it. That's a pretty good starting platform.

iamnsuperman2023d ago

The only issue is they already have PC with the BP mode if they want to use it. Its getting those people who don't have gaming PCs to buy it is the tricky part as this isn't a device a PC gamer would really want/need as they already have their own rig.

ATi_Elite2023d ago

Every PC Gamer on the Planet knows about and uses Steam at some point.

6 million peak Gamers with an average of 4 million Gamers on Steam at anytime of the day is pretty darn good

The Valve "Steambox" will basically be a more TV friendly PC loaded with Steam. Sorta like a HTPC (Home Theater PC).

I don't have any problems putting my BEAST of a PC in the living room so I'll be skipping the Steambox!