Review: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Does What Nintendon’t - writes:

"Traditionally, I find the kart racing genre as fun as I do frustrating. In the effort to embrace players of all skill levels, genre giants like the Mario Kart series go overboard with weapons, punishing players for being better at driving with unavoidable weapons of mass destruction.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, on the other hand, continues its predecessor’s finely tuned weapon balance while vastly improving on the groundwork it laid two years prior. Between the core systems, track diversity, game modes, and great use of classic franchises, developer Sumo Digital has (barring a few technical issues) created what is quite possibly the best kart racer I have ever played."

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wiiulee1774d ago

im not sure you know what you're talking about....mario kart was all sega did was copy and added options to a nintendo formula....we'll see what mario kart if like on the wiiu...nintendo is always the leader

Nevers0ft1773d ago

While I mostly agree with your views on MarioKart, that doesn't detract anything from Sonic Racing Transformed - it's a really solid kart racer and different enough from MarioKart to set it apart. Although I don't know if it will provide me and my friends with the hours of entertainment MarioKart has, it's already my 2nd most-played Wii U game (Trine 2 DC being the first).

It's a damned fine Kart racer... So I'd LOVE Nintendo to prove you right with any future MK games :)