Gears of War 2 Tech Demo Shown with Over 100 Enemies on screen - First Images

According to IGN and Joystiq:

"11:11: A video is showing of Gears of War with hundreds of enemies running down the road to show off new tech. Water and splash effects are shown, again using Gears of War on updated engine.

11:10: "Imagine what Gears of War would look like if we launched it today." CEO comes out to talk about updates on Unreal Engine. Ambient Occlusion technology is one thing they've added. This is good for more realistic shadows."


Sorry about that, Here is the link to the images:

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jkoz3742d ago

And who said that Gears 2 wouldn't debut at GDC? Yeah, about that...

Sweet images, can't wait for November!

NeoBasch3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

I think they wanted to be careful of treating the news as a reveal. They were showing off an updated version of the Unreal Engine 3. The headline is kind of misleading. Gears 2 was announced, but I don't think they are treating this as the big reveal. Let's wait and see how things end up. Maybe the reveal won't come for several more months. Its too early to tell. I can't wait for Gears 2 either, but let the developers decide when its ready.

EDIT: decApitator, I already added an alt link. You can delete your update. ;)

SeNiLe9113742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Gears 2 in November 2008, only on Xbox 360

sonarus3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

wait is this gears 2 or gears with the updated engine i want to see gameplay. did they actually show gears 2?

jkoz3742d ago

I don't understand how you people can disagree, they said: November 2008. Announced. Set in stone. You can't disagree with fact.

Sevir043742d ago

when Cliffy B entered the stage, the trailer showed Marcus flipping the chainsaw bayonette upside down and then hurling it into the skull of a lucust. and then the screen faded with a skull in red with Gears of war 2 engraved through the center. It looked impressive but it was just CGI

marionz3742d ago

did anyone notice the typo on xbox live?

under the gears of war 2 trailer the talk about the game and "marcus fexis"

just thought that was funny

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pwnsause3742d ago

looks good, great lighting.

killer_trap3742d ago

looks good!!! where, i didn't see anything!!!!!

fenderputty3742d ago

I can't wait to see what it looks like.

jwatt3742d ago

Yea that Gears of war looks nice, I think they are going to have it out by November.

foodbox3742d ago

They'll probably show some more videos and previews shortly.

First the press will get some looks at it... then they'll show it at a conference of some kind.

What is the next conference?

BloodySinner3742d ago

I'm getting all excited now!

wageslave3742d ago

Oh, and Game of the Year 2008 ship date revealed at 11:25: Ninja Gaiden II is confirmed for a June 3, 2008.

angel6043742d ago

wait i thought mgs4 was coming out in april..not june..

anyway gears 2 will no doubt be huge, but i think it will have a lot more competition than the first one did

cherrypie3742d ago

We'll have to see. A lot of people are going to be debating that.